Polkadot Cadaver – Last Call in Jonestown

Avant-garde metal outfit Polkadot Cadaver’s new album Last Call in Jonestown comes out on May 14th, and pre-orders are ending in just a few days. I discovered this band last year when I saw them at The Palladium, and their unique take on metal really intrigued me. Their lyrical content is often very offensive and off color, but completely awesome at the same time. This band really tries to make a statement by doing things in their music that most people would be afraid to do, and just not giving a shit. They also write some pretty catchy stuff and … Read more

Talking to Women about Videogames: The Album – on sale for $0.99

Now on sale for just 99 cents is the “Talking to Women about Videogames” album by Jonathan Holmes (associate editor of Destructoid). This album is a collection of remixes of the theme song of Jonathan’s YouTube series Talking to Women about Videogames and features tracks by video game music composers such as Jesse Hopkins (Mount and Blade, Gratuitous Space Battles), Souleye (VVVVVV), Danny B (Super Meat Boy, HAWP), Matt Harwood (Bit.Trip, Alien Hominid) among many others. This album is all over the place with some very low … Read more

Pryapisme Will Be Album Of The Year

This may be the album of the year for me ALREADY for our blog’s style of music taste.

The best way to introduce anyone to this band is by stating it’s BTBAM on Acid. Now I know it’s a horrible horrible analogy but it helps you understand the structure of the song flow at least.

Next up I want to state that this album is simply brilliant. It is so wacky and spontaneous but yet is so easily able to follow. Now some people may not like the album as a whole since it goes in so many directions in … Read more

Vote for songs Amogh Symphony should cover!

On their facebook page, you’ve got to choose from 22 songs from different artists and styles. I guess that, in the end, 5 or 6 of them will get covered for their next album, or a separate tribute set.

Here’s the list (my personal choices were 8, 13, and 16):

1. Slink – Vinnie Colaiuta
2. Extreme unction – Necrophagist
3. Stratus – Billy Cobham(original version with Tommy Bolin)
4. Coily – Ozric Tentacles
5. The fury – Decapitated
6. Have you heard – Pat Methany
7. Tokyo dream – Allan Holdsworth
8. Scavenger of human sorrow – Death… Read more