Amogh Symphony’s third will be the most brutal thing to melt your faces…


In fact, it will be the most beautiful non-metal album of the year, for sure!

I don’t know if this excerpt will be featured in the album or if it is really just some noodling, but I think we can definitely say that it represents what will be on Amogh the third.

Beautifulnessestess! Love Amogh!

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Vote for songs Amogh Symphony should cover!

On their facebook page, you’ve got to choose from 22 songs from different artists and styles. I guess that, in the end, 5 or 6 of them will get covered for their next album, or a separate tribute set.

Here’s the list (my personal choices were 8, 13, and 16):

1. Slink – Vinnie Colaiuta
2. Extreme unction – Necrophagist
3. Stratus – Billy Cobham(original version with Tommy Bolin)
4. Coily – Ozric Tentacles
5. The fury – Decapitated
6. Have you heard – Pat Methany
7. Tokyo dream – Allan Holdsworth
8. Scavenger of human sorrow – Death… Read more

Twelve Discs of Christmas

Hello everyone. This is our year’s end top list, and at the same time, since we did not have time to review all those excellent albums, we will do a short review of them here. Those are all 100% CTEBCM-approved albums, and you shall buy them as a gift. For yourself.

Oh, and by the way, they are put in alphabetical order, so they are all kinda #1.

Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II : Future Sequence

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