Void, Yaeth, Svirfneblin, and Nautilus

Void – The Hollow Man (Duplicate)

Remember Ashenspire and/or Vulture Industries and/or A Forest of Stars? Well, Void is a new name to add to this rather short list of theatrical progressive metal purveyors. The Hollow Man is the British band’s third full-length album, and it’s based on the poem of the same name from Thomas Stearns Eliot. The entire album comes out on January 29, and it’s a great opportunity for anyone who misses the lyrical character and exuberance of acts like those I mentioned before, to which I’d add later Slice the Cake as well, although the … Read more

Snooze, Respire, Schnellertollermeier, Red Fiction, Cryptodira, and Asu no jokei

Snooze – Still

Not content having released perhaps the most memorable math rock album last year, Chicago’s Snooze are back with another banger, titled Still. With just over thirty minutes—about the same length as their dog-themed masterpiece—Still provides the same quality of colourful melodies, intricate song progression, and amazing musicianship. You can’t go wrong with Snooze!

Respire – Black Line (Church Road)

It’s not been long since Respire made it on Matt’s Album’s of the Decade list for their 2018 masterpiece Dénouement. Yet, I haven’t personally mentioned the band, so I wanted to take their new … Read more

Fuck the Facts, Eclecta, Cody Carpenter, Liturgy, Nova incepta, and Nerest

Fuck the Facts – Pleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation)

Quebec’s deathgrind legends Fuck the Facts are back with another incredibly powerful banger: Pleine NoirceurFull Darkness if you allow me a quick translation. This forty-minute, twelve-track monster shows all the breadth of Fuck the Facts’s musical prowesses, and all the precision with which it’s performed and conveyed. It’s a relentless release that’s certain to fill your musical violence needs.

Eclecta – Open Other Doors (Tourbo Music)

The Swiss avant-pop duo Eclecta just released Open Other Doors, the follow-up to their debut A Symmetry and rumoured to be their final … Read more

Thrailkill – Detach

The Music

The Words

Wes Thrailkill is back with another killer release! This time, a 20 minute EP titled Detach. Wes wrote this during quarantine after having trouble finding inspiration and second guessing nearly everything he produced. But in the end he relinquished himself to the creative process and forged this beauty. Wes compares his mindset while creating Detach, to pulling a random card from a shuffled deck. Despite that mindset, he still managed to make it flow as a cohesive piece. It’s heavy, melodic, jazzy, chaotic, virtuosic, and everything in-between. Wes’s guitar tone is flawless as usual, … Read more

Focusrights, Vultress, Abhasa, Beaten to Death, Botanist, and Agonanist

Focusrights – Ew, Music!

The Ukrainian mathgrind unit Focusrights just released the Ew, Music! EP. As befits its genre, it’s relatively short, standing at a little under twenty minutes, but this time is incredibly busy with time changes, genre hoppings, eclectic rhythms, dissonant chords, and confusing melodies. It’s an angry, heavy, and creative album that you should absolutely love!

Vultress – Hypnopompia

Vultress is one of those hidden pearls. A prog band that for the most part no one knows about, but that delivers amazing material over and over. I stumbled upon them with their previous album, Distance, which … Read more