Monthly Recommendations: March 2020

Y/N – Part Ⅰ: It’s Glass & Part Ⅱ: It’s Also Glass

Experimental pop artist Y/N released, a few years ago, Larry and the Eternal Light, one of my favourite albums of the year, and so it is with much excitement that I present to you a double EP release about… glass? and brains? and aliens? Honestly I’m not entirely certain what it’s about, but I know the music’s great! Y/N’s very idiosyncratic approach to composition still shine and make this diptych one really fun ride!

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Ground Patrol – Geophone (Art as Catharsis)

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0% Hate, Soul Flesh, Dai Kaht, Patrick Shiroishi, Zan, and Artús

0% Hate – At the Mercy of Your Own

From Las Vegas comes surprising progressive technical death metal band 0% Hate. Surprising, most of all, because I’m not in the habit of listening to tech-death songs with a ten-minute runtime. Yet, on At the Mercy of Your Own, this is not unusual, as two tracks out of four hang close to this mark or go beyond it. That makes for intricate song structures filled with an insane number of riffs, many with independent voices between the guitar and the bass, which is highly appreciated. A brilliant debut!


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Immortal Onion, Ābhāsa, Slift, The Archetypal Syndicate, Color Wheel, and Je’raf

Immortal Onion – XD: Experience Design

Polish nu jazz sensation Immortal Onion just released XD: Experience Design, a follow-up to their outstanding Ocelot of Salvation. The new album sees the trio hone their skills on odd metres, polyrhythms, and complex melodic themes. XD is a full forty minutes long, so there’s plenty to enjoy.

आभास (Ābhāsa) – १ (Eka) (Mystic Timbre)

So, what exactly is this? १ (Eka) is the debut album of mysterious American entity आभास (Ābhāsa), here remastered and re-released. The band is mostly about crafting eerie atmospheres with Eastern music instruments, timbres, and philosophy, … Read more

Yaldabaoth, Syzygy, Y/N, Souphl, Jon Hatamiya, and Cocanha

Yaldabaoth – That which Whets the Saccharine Palate (Lycaean Triune)

Here’s a gargantuan Alaskan black metal band: Yaldabaoth. I’ve been waiting over a year for That which Whets the Saccharine Palate to whet my saccharine palate. It was almost released in early 2019, but soon after the announcement it was taken offline and I didn’t hear from it until very recently, when it officially released! Enter, seeker of dissonance, and find what thou seekest!

Syzygy – Xendeavor One

When will we run out of microtonal calembours? Hopefully never! Here’s Xendeavor One, from John Lervold’s electro-xenharmonic project Syzygy. … Read more

Neck of the Woods, Kilter, Anomalia, Çub, Phonon, and Bolt Gun

Neck of the Woods – The Annex of Ire (Pelagic)

The Annex of Ire is Vancouver-based progressive death metalcore unit Neck of the Woods‘s upcoming release. The album is a dark new chapter of their career, and it’s a captivating one. On this album, the band merges multiple influences and many genres into a cohesive approach unique to them. At times it’s straight out of a melodeath text book, and others it’s metalcore or progressive death that shines instead. It’s a very rewarding album to listen to from end to end.

Kilter – Axiom (Alter-Nativ)

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