Tim Daisy, Fabian Almazan Trio, Alarmist, Elephant9, and Enablers

Tim Daisy – New Works for Solo Percussion (Relay)

Percussionist Tim Daisy just released his New Works for Solo Percussion collection, on his own record label Relay. This collection of new performances includes three major pieces—”Space within Limbs”, “Troika”, and “Construction House”—and a bonus one, “Wood on Copper” (it is unknown if the latter is intended as an antipolice anthem or not, but it has become so). Considering my longtime love affair with percussion and rhythm in general, it’s not surprising that I immediately fell in love with this record. Tim’s vision of music and performing aptitudes make for an … Read more

Les funktionnaires, The Pen Club, Andys Skordis, The Resonance Project, Ian Alexander, and Matt Mitchell

Les funktionnaires – 2034

Les funktionnaires is a Montréal-based band that I know only because I’ve come across a poster for the release show of their new album, 2034, which happens to be next Friday. The cover art was impressive enough that I took note of it and went online to hear what it sounds like, and . . . it’s actually a lot of fun! 2034 came out last week, and it’s a full-length album somewhere in the hazy waters between funk—obviously—psychedelic rock, and stoner music. It’s really well crafted and features more than a few odes to … Read more

Dead Robot, Ben Levin Group, The Odious, Those Darn Gnomes, Jambinai, and Les comptes de Korsakoff

Dead Robot – We Create the Machine

This EP is, surprisingly, the first release of Madrid’s Dead Robot. Why surprisingly? Well, to use a metaphor… The Spanish trio has apparently hit the nail right on its head on the first try and hammered it deep into the wood. A modern jazz fusion album with hints of drum & bass and electro-jazz is not an easy feat to succeed. But there is absolutely no doubt of that here. Take some time and listen to any of these songs, you won’t regret it.

Ben Levin Group – Jelly Mound

The latest … Read more

Christian Meaas Svendsen, Linda May Han Oh, Gotanda, Moon Letters, Milton Man Gogh, and John Zorn

Christian Meaas Svendsen with Nakama and Rinzai Zen Center Oslo – New Rituals (Nakama)

New Rituals is a huge offering. First, it’s a triple-disc album clocking in at almost two hours long. Deuzio, it reiterates the same compositions on the three discs, but the first one is for ensemble and choir, the second one for ensemble alone, and the third one for solo bass. Tertio, its source material is ten ancient Zen Buddhist sutra chants. The aforementioned ensemble is made of two violins, piano, drum, and bass, which lends a peculiar sound halfway between contemporary classical and traditional … Read more

Snooze, Trevor Dunn, Alula, Car Made of Glass, Hungría, and Tak

Snooze – Familiaris

I’ve always been a huge fan of Chicago’s math rock slash post-hardcore band Snooze; well, since their Actually, Extremely debut at least. You’ll be glad to learn that they keep their almost skate punk sound, while refining their math and progressive edges. Familiaris is filled with hooked melodies and odd rhythms. In other words, it’s fantastic!

Trevor Dunn – Nocturnes (Tzadik)

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Let’s move back to April to talk about New York bassist and composer Trevor Dunn‘s latest album, Nocturnes. The album features two main sides: Dunn’s first string quartet on the first … Read more