Best of November 2019

Doom Shrugs – The Sciolist Pace of the Cycleless Trace (Not Music)

This album is an interpretation of the idea of cyclic time from a pessimistic, linear time perspective, as a metaphor for the locus of control and the use of introspection as a means of dealing with negative emotions. The concept of time being a cycle of several epochs appears in many ancient belief systems. The present epoch is supposed to be the most difficult and inherently negative, with much of the blame for the world’s problems being placed on materialism and the rich and powerful. Much like it … Read more

November in 211 Albums

Friday, 1 November

Bangladesh – Trazos aleatorios

math rock, post-hardcore

Beyond Fiction – Inherent Perception

melodic death metal
Saguenay, Québec

Cannabis Corpse – Nug So Vile

death metal
Richmond, Virginia
Season of Mist

Les Chants du hasard – Livre second

classical, black metal
I, Voidhanger

Le Choc des électrons libres – Le Choc des électrons libres

avant-garde jazz, noise
Pau, France

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Sissy Spacek, Silas Hedman, Moana, Tom’s Diner, A Formal Horse, and Politess

sissy spaces silas hedman moana tom diner formal horse politess

Sissy Spacek – Crypto-Termination

Sissy Spacek is a noise-grind band with a rather extremely harsh output. Crypto-Termination is their latest release and, although it’s only about eight minutes long, it’s a powerful and cathartic experience. Get ready for abrasive textures, guttural vocals, noise, noise, and noise.

The Silas Hedman Ensemble of Arts – Occam’s Razor

Percussionist Silas Hedman‘s work for eleven people ensemble is a project encompassing semi-improvised avant-garde jazz, noise, metal, and free improvisation. The range of genres and sounds that emanate from Occam’s Razor‘s recordings are vast and diversified, and often recontextualize the listener into a … Read more

October in 250 Albums

Tuesday, 1 October

暗瘡 (Am3 cong1) / Acne – 三岔口 (Saam1 caa3 hau2) / Crossways

experimental death metal

Håla duett – Rana

experimental rock
Paris, France
Collectif Coax

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Collectif Medz Bazar – O

world fusion
Paris, France

N█O – Isolates

post-black metal
Kyiv, Ukraine

Sitar Metal – Sitar Metal

progressive metal, Indian classical

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Monthly Recommendations: October 2019

Håla duett – Rana (Collectif Coax)

Håla duett is the marriage of guitarist Sheik Anorak and drummer Yann Joussein. This union leads to a stellar polyrhythmic, psychedelic noise rock band with visible krautrock and African music influences. Being an EP, it’s cruelly short, but each one of the four tracks have plenty of time to breathe, most of them being over six minutes long and exploring at length only a handful of musical ideas. In this context, I think it’s better to fully explore a few themes rather than bring in a lot of them and having too little time … Read more