Sweet Heart, Open Ear: April

Black Matter Device – Autonomous Weapons

Wow. This album does everything that I want it to, and then does it again. This shit makes me want to smash a bottle on my head. It makes me want to climb onto the roof of my apartment building and jump off. It makes me want to play the knife game by myself. Turn the stove on just to burn my hand. Try to eat a big rock.

If you keep up with Mathcore Index, or if you regularly browse Bandcamp for new mathcore-adjacent releases, you may eventually feel as if you’ve “heard … Read more

Bishop Martin’s 10 Releases from 2021 Worth Listening To

Suffer Club – Tar and Feather

This was my most listened release from 2021. I listened to it while at work, while driving, while writing at home… I adore this alt-rock EP. Tasteful songwriting, incredibly catchy vocal lines, a lush, dreamy, reverb-washed production value; all of these qualities combined receive a chef’s kiss from me.
FFO: Loathe, Spiritbox, Turnstile

Foodman – Yasuragi Land

Electronic music always has strange things going on if you know where to look. Every time I come back to this album, the same word comes to mind: “peculiar.” You won’t find Reese bass here. No drops. … Read more

Plebeian Grandstand – Rien ne suffit

Every year, there are releases that solidify the following statement: “This has been a great year for music.” Rien ne suffit is an example of this. I co-host a radio show at my local university called The Funeral Directory. It’s a metal specialty show on Monday nights. We do it for the love of aggressive music, and partially because we don’t trust anyone else to create the playlists. If you’re like me, you listen to a lot of metal, and perhaps you wrongly assume that certain bands are household names at this point. “Everyone knows Imperial Triumphant”, you might … Read more