Sweet Heart, Open Ear: August

Rejoice! The Light Has Come – II

If every genre of music is a language, then we can think of bands as authors who write in those respective languages. The first chord of II tells you instantly what language we are speaking.
The language of dissonant black metal has been evolving and becoming more popular in the last decade. Every band has their own formula for writing music like this; their own dialects and slang, their clicks and pops, their interpretations, and their judgments. I trust the clicks and pops and judgments of Rejoice! The Light Has Come.

If you … Read more

Sweet Heart, Open Ear: July

The Wind in the Trees – Architects of Light

As a jumping-off point for this review, I would like to share a personal anecdote: I was raised by the Internet, and a family that loves music. If you also grew up online as a kid who loves music, the Kind of Guy you are (in relation to music) could change from week to week. One week, you’re Guy Who Listens to Radiohead. The next week, you’re listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor for the first time, and now you’re Guy Who Just Listened to Godspeed You! Black Emperor for the … Read more

Sweet Heart, Open Ear: June

Mint Green – All Women Go to Heaven

It’s summertime, honey. There have been instances in my life when I didn’t like the summer heat. This year, somehow, something is different. Lately, it has felt like the status of the world is dull and frustrating. But, you know what? I am grateful to have the privilege of being able to enjoy the sun when I choose. I am grateful for All Women Go to Heaven, because it feels like summertime to me. Mint Green’s catchy, pop-oriented, enthusiastic alt-rock sound just works for me. It invokes a certain emotion in me… Read more

Sweet Heart, Open Ear: May 2022

Deaf Club – Bad Songs Forever

Justin Pearson can do no wrong. I’ve reached a few different conclusions after listening to this four-song EP a few times: There is a cool table, and then there is an even cooler table; the table where those who sit at the cool table wish they sat. This cooler table is where Deaf Club sits. Everything about this release is balanced. Nothing in the mix is louder than it needs to be. It sounds almost understated. I can’t think of another example of carefully understated grindcore off the top of my head. Deaf Club… Read more

Sweet Heart, Open Ear: April

Black Matter Device – Autonomous Weapons

Wow. This album does everything that I want it to, and then does it again. This shit makes me want to smash a bottle on my head. It makes me want to climb onto the roof of my apartment building and jump off. It makes me want to play the knife game by myself. Turn the stove on just to burn my hand. Try to eat a big rock.

If you keep up with Mathcore Index, or if you regularly browse Bandcamp for new mathcore-adjacent releases, you may eventually feel as if you’ve “heard … Read more