Sweet Heart, Open Ear: August

Rejoice! The Light Has Come – II

If every genre of music is a language, then we can think of bands as authors who write in those respective languages. The first chord of II tells you instantly what language we are speaking.
The language of dissonant black metal has been evolving and becoming more popular in the last decade. Every band has their own formula for writing music like this; their own dialects and slang, their clicks and pops, their interpretations, and their judgments. I trust the clicks and pops and judgments of Rejoice! The Light Has Come.

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Délétère – De hōrae leprae

The Music

The Words

Of leper hours–De hōrae leprae–; of Terēdinis the leper–”Terēdinis lepra”–, prophet of the Centipèdes. Dejection of society, leprous and miasmatic, offering sacrifices to Locusta; eat the rich! eat the rich! and offer sigils your rotting canvas. Forty days and countless plagued souls for thirteen Chthonians to rid the world of the light. The heir of boreworms, Terēdinis, ventures into the nine Circles to cast pestilence upon the world.

That’s the concept behind the album, in a nutshell. Délétère, from Québec, offers us the newest release in the exclusive “métal noir québécois” genre. This … Read more