Délétère – De hōrae leprae

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The Words

Of leper hours–De hōrae leprae–; of Terēdinis the leper–”Terēdinis lepra”–, prophet of the Centipèdes. Dejection of society, leprous and miasmatic, offering sacrifices to Locusta; eat the rich! eat the rich! and offer sigils your rotting canvas. Forty days and countless plagued souls for thirteen Chthonians to rid the world of the light. The heir of boreworms, Terēdinis, ventures into the nine Circles to cast pestilence upon the world.

That’s the concept behind the album, in a nutshell. Délétère, from Québec, offers us the newest release in the exclusive “métal noir québécois” genre. This French-only, Québec-based hermetic chambre provided us with many great black metal releases already, Délétère birthing some among them, but the band is determined to bring one more into the world. Although their prior spawns were low fidelity, almost noise metal albums, De hōrae leprae received a stellar production that adds a lot to the listening experience. Therefore, you can actually hear the brilliant work of all the musicians here: guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, and vocals all shine through.

Yes, everything is sung in French–in a high-register, almost liturgical format–, with the occasional Latin passage. The lyrics depict an almost Biblical story over the course of nine cantī, or songs, where the end of the world is brought by Terēdinis the leper, prophet of the Centipèdes. The band’s music here is a mixed bag of traditional, melodic, symphonic, and dissonant black metal. At over an hour long, this is a sizeable chunk, but it’s easy to pull through, especially if you become engrossed in the grotesque story conveyed by the lyrics.

De hōrae leprae is a new classic in the small but exquisite repertoire of métal noir québécois.

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