2014 – A Personal Top 10

As 2014 is not-so-slowly coming to an end, I decided to take some time and put together a list of my favorite 2014 releases.  As the title states ,  this is mostly a personal list of the music I listened/ enjoyed the most and that was released in 2014, rather than my top 10 of this year’s best releases, although I believe the first five albums on my list can easily compete for that title as well. Granted that I didn’t listen to every extreme metal album that was unleashed this year, I think the first five really made an … Read more

Lee Wanner’s complete discography, Part III: VS. Other People

So, this one’s a bit different. VS. Other People is a cover album. However, it’s a completely astounding one at it. With songs from legends such as Frank Zappa, Racer X, and J.C. Bach! Alongside Lee himself are other mind-blowing musicians like the unmissable Morgan Ågren!

On this album, the wide variety of songs from different musical genres, and ever musical eras, will totally satiate any music lover. Moreover, the simply awesome production will keep the whole interesting throughout, it’s not just a mere cover but sometimes a whole re-interpretation of the original composition. Through eleven covers from contemporary and … Read more

Spectres – Ghosts Of Revolution

Spectres make some of the best core-ish thrashy progressive melodic death metal out there! Their album, Ghosts Of Revolution came out July 22nd on bandcamp, for free!

It’s a musical duo, with Jim taking care of stringed instruments and Adam on drums duty, while both do keys and vocals. Obviously, upon hearing them, you feel that they aren’t doing this for money, but rather for pleasure, like music should be done! Their artistic view is intact throughout the album, with songs with length varying from under four minutes to over ten minutes long!

As for the musicianship involved, the bar’s … Read more

Torrential Downpour – Truth Knowledge Vision

Torrential Downpour’s 2011 album “Connected Through” was the one to hit me first, with the awesomeness of this band. Needless to say I was quite underwhelmed by the band’s 2013 EP “The Phaneron”, which must be some kind of experiment, or a little something to make us wait until what would become their next “real” album: Truth Knowledge Vision.

In their latest album, they feel more focused than ever on their own, experimental metal hardcore psychedelic, sound, and that’s a great thing. Because the best way to make fans is to make yourself irreplaceable, unique! That’s one thing Torrential Downpour … Read more