Best of February 2023

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Wednesday, 1 February

???? Endorphins Lost – Night People

$10 USD
Seattle, Washington

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Friday, 3


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The Best of January 2023

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Sunday, 1 January

Erang – A Blaze in Time

$1 USD
synthwave, soundtrack

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2022: A Quick Retrospective

This year, I’ve listened to over 106 days, 3 hours, 21 minutes and 14 seconds worth of new music, specifically music that came out in 2022. And that’s not mentioning the older albums I discovered, or went back to; the few 2023 albums I had the chance to listen to in advance; or the unknowable amount of time I’ve spent browsing new music, listening to snippets here and there. This amount of time only represents the albums I’ve kept track of and came out in 2022.

This represents 3,832 albums, EPs or split recordings. To be fair, I didn’t buy … Read more

Daniel’s Top 31 Albums of 2021

Another year, another list of favourite albums released 3 months too late. At least I’m consistent in my poor timing nowadays, I suppose.

Either way, 2021 was a fun year for my music browsing. A good amount of healthy variety throughout, even if there wasn’t too much that truly astounded me. But yeah, I’m hoping this list will have a little something for all sorts, even if my tastes fell in a rather particular direction this year. (Perhaps someone will notice.) Regardless, I’ve spent more than enough time typing this out already, so with no more fuss to be had, … Read more

Best of Tzadik Records 2021

Tzadik Records is a very special thing to me. John Zorn’s label showcases his own compositions, ranging mostly from jazz to classical, as well as other groups and albums who are spearheading their respective genres. It’s often pretty difficult to listen to these albums, since they are usually not streaming online, so I’ve gathered them all here and got the five best Tzadik releases of 2021. This way, you’ll know where to start looking to dive into the surreal world of Zorn.

Number Five: John Zorn – Heaven and Earth Magick

Heaven and Earth Magick is one of the truer … Read more