Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 9 February

This Saxophone Kills Fascists – Live at Turn! Turn! Turn! (free jazz)

Olympia, Washington

Sunday, 10

Oedon’s Writhe – The Essence of the Formless [EP] (black metal, noise)


Monday, 11

Karfagen – Echoes from within Dragon Island [2-disc] (progressive rock)

On Caerllysi Music

A Million Dead Birds Laughing – To the Ether (technical death metal)

Melbourne, Australia

Tuesday, 12

Coral Cross – 002 (blackgaze)

New York, New York
On Black Mirror

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 2 February

Caldera – Tephra (post-metal, sludge)

Athens, Greece

Fountainhead – I Do and I Will [Compilation] (progressive metal, jazz fusion)

Berlin, Germany
On Vmbrella

Sunday, 3

Beyond Quartet – Beyond Quartet (avant-garde jazz, free jazz)

New York, New York
On 11th Street Music

Mayberian Sanskülotts – Neverending Sorry (indie pop)

Kápmegyer, Hungary

The New York Review of Cocksucking – Total Cruise Worship (free jazz, noise)

New York

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 26 January

Key to Abyss – Beautiful Demons [2-disc] (free jazz)

Vancouver, British Columbia

Light Dweller – Incandescent Crucifix [EP] (atmospheric black metal)

Tempe, Arizona

Sunday, 27

Long Hallways – Close Your Eyes to Travel (post-rock)

Portland, Oregon

Somn – The All​-​Devouring (blackgaze, post-black)

Saint Petersburg, Russia
On Elusive Sound

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Monday, 28

Dead Kiwis – Systematic Home Run [EP] (mathcore)

Lyon, France

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 19 January

Tonus – Ear Duration (free jazz)

London, UK

Brian! (Quartet) – Minimum Donation [EP] (experimental rock, avant-garde jazz)

Ithaca, New York

Sunday, 20

Call Us Колос (Kolos) – На связи (Na svjazi) [EP] (post-rock)

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Kelp – Exterior (experimental jazz)

Fukuoka, Japan

Kevin Blanke – In Remembrance of Things That Never Were (avant-garde jazz)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 12 January

Chord – Chord Ⅱ (experimental metal, noise)

New York, New York
On Punos Music

Defacement – Deviant [EP] (blackened death metal)

Utrecht, Netherlands

Leadtowill – The Leaden Echo [EP] (breakcore, experimental electro)


Monday, 14

Barque – Pyre Builders [EP] (hardcore)

Lille, France

Charlie Dennard – Deep Blue (jazz fusion, modern jazz)

New Orleans, Louisiana

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