Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 8

La’akea – She Would’ve Been an Acrobat, (free jazz) – Potentially Kinetic Records

Sunday, 9

Ehnahre & Hadean – Rites for Winter (experimental doom metal)

Travis Orbin – Finite II (instrumental progressive metal, chamber music)

We Are Leif – Breathe (nu jazz, soul)

Monday, 10

Bubu – El eco del sol (progressive rock)

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August Release Dump, Part 1

Saturday, 28 July

The Bepis Brothers – B (jazz, bebop)

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Manta – Manta (experimental jazz)

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Monday, 30

i.o – Puzzle Solvent (experimental jazz)

Tuesday, 31 July

The Mercury Tree & Cryptic Ruse – Cryptic Tree (progressive rock, microtonal)

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Wednesday, 1 August

After Nations – Consteleid (instrumental progressive post-hardcore)

Facegrinder – Kugelblitz (grindcore, death metal)


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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 21

Marunata – Dernières réminiscences (atmospheric black metal)

Morrow – The Weight of These Feathers (atmospheric black metal, post-metal)

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Neckbeard Deathcamp – White Nationalism Is for Basement Dwelling Losers (antifa black metal)

निर्माण (Nirmāaṇ) – Indian Electric Station (world fusion)

Perplextus Joans – Out the Lights (experimental rock)

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