Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 16 March

An Isolated Mind – I’m Losing Myself (avant-garde death metal)

Eureka, California

Joey Molinaro – Tale of the Lovelorn Outlaw [EP] (experimental folk)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Sunday, 17

Francisco Slepoy – Sobre Ginastera y algunos planetas (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Buenos Aires, Argentina
On TVL Records

James McKain – Mint [EP] (free jazz)

New York, New York

Night Tempo – Showa Idol’s Groove (future funk)

Seoul, South Korea

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 9 March

Agustí Fernández, Joe Morris, and Charmaine Lee – Magma (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Barcelona, Spain
On Sirulita Records

Kombo C – Petelin iz Noznega (jazz fusion)

Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Mopcut – Accelerated Frames of Reference (experimental, noise)

Vienna, Austria
On Trost Records

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White Pulse – The Fast and the Furious 9 (noise jazz)

Zürich, Switzerland

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Sunday, 10

Janko – Chansons parallèles [EP] (experimental rock)

Montpellier, France
On Bermuda Cruise

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 2 March

Shock Troopers – Глуво доба (Gluvo doba) [EP] (sludge metal)

Skopje, Macedonia

Serpents of Pakhangba – Serpents of Pakhangba [EP] (avant-garde metal)

Mumbai, India

Tuesday, 5

Maddison Carter Quintet – Elbow Room (modern jazz)

Melbourne, Australia

Wednesday, 6

Rïga – Totem [EP] (experimental electro)


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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 23 February

Катерина Зяблюк (Kateryna Zjabljuk) – Лісова пісня (Lisova pisnja) / Forest Song (jazz)

Kyiv, Ukraine

Seules les mortes – Seules les mortes [EP] (blackened post-hardcore)

Marseille, France

Monday, 25

Jakob Heinemann – Latticework (contemporary classical)

Madison, Wisconsin
On Scripts Records

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Tuesday, 26

Amina Figarova – Road to the Sun (jazz fusion)

New York, New York
On Bartamina Music

Trevor Watts & Stephen Grew – Let It Be: Live in Liverpool (avant-garde jazz)

Warsaw, Poland
On Fundacja Słuchaj

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 16 February

Diarrheal Blast – Diarrheal Blast (noise metal)

Bologna, Italy
On Turgid Animal Records

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Soliloque – Window [EP] (nu-prog)

Québec City, Québec

Winterblind – Effigy [EP] (progressive black metal)


Sunday, 17

Gestalt – Music by Gestalt (jazz fusion)

Los Angeles, California
On Zero System Immersive Music

Second Grade Knife Fight – Pg. 3 [EP] (grindcore)


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