Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 2

Spectral Wound – Infernal Decadence (black metal)

Sunday, 3

No Lower Place to Fall – Lost in Sinai (blackened post-metal)

Monday, 4

Baguette – Expensive Mouse (noise rock)

Hyper Lightning Hydra – 銀河間宇宙旅行 (Ginga-kan uchū ryokō) / Intergalactic Space Travel (progressive metal)

Sloth Racket – A Glorious Monster (experimental jazz, doom jazz)

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Weekly Release Dump

Sunday, 13

Plasticbag Facemask – How to Kill a Dead Franchise (progressive deathcore)

Monday, 14

Comatone & Foley – Trigger Happy 2 (experimental electronics)

Condone – No Room, No Place (hardcore)

Miniatures – Trazos inexactos por un cuerpo gris buscando la excelencia (progressive death metal)

Quasi-Stellar Radio Source – I (progressive metal)

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