Advanced Mathematics 202:
Decimal Music

The French Revolution brought humanity many things, among which are the values of liberty, equality, and secularism. However, in their hot-blooded revolt, they also brought the widespread use of the decimal system, taking the place of the old-fashioned Carolingian system, which resembled somewhat the Imperial system of today’s USA. They even thought of bringing up decimal time, and a decimal calendar, where the twelve months of the year each had three “weeks” of ten days. At the moment of writing these lines, we are Octidi the 28th of Messidor (Monday, July 16th, 2018). Each of these days would … Read more

高円寺百景 (Kōenji Hyakkei) –
ドリンビスカ (Dhorimviskha)

The Music

The Words

It’s been thirteen years since the Tōkyō-based avant-prog ensemble released Angherr shisspa, which was widely praised as the culmination of progressive rock. In the current year, 高円寺百景 (Kōenji Hyakkei) started a crowdfunding campaign for the release of their fifth album, ドリンビスカ (Dorimbisuka), mostly seen written as Dhorimviskha, and they not only met, but surpassed their goal! As such, the complete album was released on July 11 via bandcamp, and physical orders are being completed as of now.

The music on this new spawn of madness is in line with what we know Kōenji … Read more

Sectioned – Annihilated

The Music

The Words

A cursory glance at the cover art for Annihilated, by Edinburgh’s Sectioned, might fool you into believing that this is some sort of sappy indie folk record; with its earnest depiction of what is presumably an area of rural Britain, the tones and hues of the photo seem to give a wistful, bittersweet atmosphere. However, much like the history surrounding Scotland’s beautiful capital city itself, a closer inspection reveals a much more sinister underbelly, with a hollowed out car in the foreground and lifeless winter trees in the background. It’s as if the chaotic … Read more

Morrow – “Hiraeth”

The Music

The Words

I’m glad to once again be the messenger of pleasing acoustic waves, this time thanks to Seattle-based atmospheric black metal band Morrow. “Hiraeth” is the second track of the band’s debut album, The Weight of These Feathers, out on 21 July.

When I say atmospheric black metal, it’s not giving them enough credit, however. The band pulls some elements of post-metal and blackgaze in order to craft a brilliant sound that is indubitably theirs. Other than only relying on standard “metal” instrumentation, Morrow includes acoustic guitars, a … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 7

Cemetery Piss – Order of the Vulture (blackened thrash metal)

Monday, 9

Jean-Christophe Cholet, Alban Darche, Mathias Rüegg & Grand Ensemble – Le tombeau de Poulenc (jazz fusion)

Wednesday, 11

Future Corpse – Culture Ruins Everything around Me (post-hardcore)

Jordan Nobles – Möbius (contemporary classical)

高円寺百景 (Kōenjihyakkei) – ドリンビスカ (Dorimbisuka) / Dhorimviskha (zeuhl, avant-prog)

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