Marathon: Analyzing the Extents of the Gnawa Morph

You’ve already seen a similar figure if you’ve read my post Marathon: Understanding Ratio Morphing. Here, I’ve added subdivisions of time from 5 to 8, but in practice they also include subdivisions of 2, 3, and 4, and we’re going to look over them relatively succinctly today.

First, how to read this graph. It’s important to know that it’s read from left to right. The leftmost boundary is the start of a measure, and the rightmost one the end of it. If you’ve ever used Guitar Pro or a similar notation software, you can easily imagine a cursor moving … Read more

Snooze, Trevor Dunn, Alula, Car Made of Glass, Hungría, and Tak

Snooze – Familiaris

I’ve always been a huge fan of Chicago’s math rock slash post-hardcore band Snooze; well, since their Actually, Extremely debut at least. You’ll be glad to learn that they keep their almost skate punk sound, while refining their math and progressive edges. Familiaris is filled with hooked melodies and odd rhythms. In other words, it’s fantastic!

Trevor Dunn – Nocturnes (Tzadik)

Label page

Let’s move back to April to talk about New York bassist and composer Trevor Dunn‘s latest album, Nocturnes. The album features two main sides: Dunn’s first string quartet on the first … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 11 May

Battle of Britain Memorial – We Crave for Our Holy Outsides [EP] (blackened post-hardcore)

Midi-Pyrénées, France

Khadavra – Hypnagogia (progressive rock)

Gothenburg, Sweden

A Light Sleeper – Distinction: A Ballet in Six Parts (progressive rock, jazz fusion)

Chicago, Illinois

SD Quartet – Mirage [EP] (modern jazz, free jazz)

South Korea

Sunday, 12

坂田明 (Akira Sakata), Christos Yermenoglou, Giovanni Di Domenico, and Giotis Damianidis – 法隆寺 (Hōryū​-​ji) (free improv)

Brussels, Belgium On Mr. Nakayasi Read more

Dadabots Researchers Feed Archspire Music to AI to Generate an Endless Stream of Procedural Technical Death Metal

Disclaimer: The following text was written by Talk to Transformer, a neural network that completes your text.

These songs have a much clearer edge that humans have over bots that can play a few songs and then automatically die when the song plays out. Humans can do that. In the past bots that can play a few tunes and then lose and fail instantly are found.

The same idea was used to create a song called “Mushroom Hill” from the song by Radiohead that was featured in a 2013 episode of Game Music.

I’ve seen music bots being used … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 4 May

Blast Furnace – Reality Television: Television Reality [EP] (free jazz, grindcore)

Chicago, Illinois

Blast Furnace – Stigma [EP] (free jazz, grindcore)

Chicago, Illinois

IZ – Il desto onironauta (jazz fusion, progressive jazz)

Zoppola, Italy

Sunday, 5

Erin Royer – After the Moment (contemporary classical, jazz fusion)

Perth, Australia

Soulsplitter – “The Moloch” [Single] (progressive metal)


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