Dong-yang-gozupa, Alexandra Grimal, Diploid, Oiseaux-tempête, Tower, and Ghost Rhythms

dong yang grimal diploid oiseaux tempete tower ghost rhythms

동양고주파 (Dong-yang-gozupa) – 곡면 (Gogmyeon) / Surface

Not unlike fellow Korean musicians in 잠비나이 (Jambinai), 4인놀이 (Sainnol-i), 호나 (Hona), 정가正歌 앙상블 (Jeongga Ensemble), and Tierpark, the purpose of 동양고주파 (Dong-yang-gozupa) is to merge traditional Korean music with modern Western styles. Here, the trio focuses on the 양금 (yanggeum, a hammered dulcimer), supported by bass guitar and drums (with the inclusion of traditional percussion as well). Their compositions take the form of post-rock and progressive rock and are a great vessel for the yanggeum to shine. Take a listen to their album for some sweet sounds!… Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 11 October

Afenginn – Klingra

Copenhagen, Denmark

Alexis Valet – Alexis Valet

modern jazz, jazz fusion
Paris, France

Alice Zawadzki – Within You Is a World of Spring

London, UK

Babymetal – Metal Galaxy


Bent Knee – You Know What They Mean

progressive rock
New York, New York
Inside Out

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Valse fréquence, Albatros, Perséide, Upperground Orchestra, Fleshworld, and Club Sieste

valse frequence albatros perseide upperground fleshworld club sieste

Valse fréquence – Ci-haut, Ci-bas

Montréal indie post-rock band Valse fréquence just released the Ci-haut, Ci-bas EP, a lyrical record filled with melancholic songs in lush atmospheres, all sung in the band’s native French. Valse fréquence crafted here five compositions in the vein of indie rock, but with all of the sadness and romanticism of post-rock. Ci-haut, Ci-bas is a beautiful EP with hauntingly memorable melodies.

Albatros – Futile (Le Mort)

Nothing catches my eye quite like when a band describes itself as “doom ska”. Québec quintet Albatros did just that with Futile, the latest EP of the … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 4 October

Boris – Akuma no uta

experimental rock
東京都 (Tōkyō-to), Japan
Third Man

Boris – Feedbacker

東京都 (Tōkyō-to), Japan
Third Man

Boris – Love & Evol

experimental rock
東京都 (Tōkyō-to), Japan
Third Man

Of Decay and Sublime – Psalm / La Mer

Tokyo, Japan

Dysrhythmia – Terminal Threshold

progressive metal
Queens, New York
Translation Loss

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Those Darn Gnomes, Yazz Ahmed, Jyocho, The Night Watch, Black Pantone, and Catatonic Effigy

Those Darn Gnomes – All Tiny Breasts Crushed beneath the Shadow (Snail Cage)

The experimental blackened grindcore act Those Darn Gnomes has made quite an impression on me with their first release, The Zodiac. I was loving it, but was put off by just how low fidelity it was. Fortunately, since then, the band has kept its avant-garde mindset and experimental tendencies while levelling up the production value. All Tiny Breasts Crushed beneath the Shadow—a sentence that Christian found out spelled in magnets on his refrigerator—is a reaction to Calling Whitetails to a Tuned Bow, which featured … Read more