Plain Cheese Pizza, Real Loud, Caio Csizmar, and Many-Eyed Seraphim

Plain Cheese Pizza – Plain Cheese Pizza

Vancouver-based, deliciously named avant-prog septet Plain Cheese Pizza just released their mouthwatering self-titled EP. With only four tracks, this is, at best, an entrée designed to prepare our bodies for an unknown future dish. This EP was recorded in 2019, so I guess it’s the post-production process that took three years to complete. I’m being optimistic, but perhaps this means that a full-length is already well under way or even finished tracking! For now, though, I can say that this apéritif is right down your alley!

Real Loud – Real Loud (New Focus)

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Weekly Release Dump

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Thursday, 16 July

Asaf Sirkis – Solar Flash

progressive rock, jazz fusion
London, UK
Moon June

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Camila Nebbia & Patrick Shiroishi – The Human Being as a Fragile Article

free jazz
Trouble in Mind

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Weekly Release Dump

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Friday, 9 July

Absolute Terror Field – Thought Forms

free improvisation, noise
Chicago, Illinois
Neutral Archive

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Berried Alive – The Mixgrape

Portland, Oregon

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Wizard, Mdou Moctar, Kick the Cat, and Unstoppable Sweeties Show

Wizard – Definitely Unfinished

French noise rockers Wizard released an arguably finished EP in early June titled Definitely Unfinished. At three minutes under thirty and five tracks, it’s got enough room to showcase the band’s progression since their 2018 eponymous debut. Wizard the first was already an utterly satisfying experience, but Definitely Unfinished brings an undeniable touch of refinement to the mix. The band’s new sound overflows with drive and energy on unforgettable songs that will spin more than once more, I promise!

Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime (Matador)

Mdou Moctar‘s blend of Nigerian-Saharan music and blues-rock has … Read more

June in 185 Albums

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Tuesday, 1 June

Consorts – Distinctions

free improvisation
Bristol, UK

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Dominic Lash Quartet – Līmulus

avant-garde jazz
Bristol, UK

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Hannes Großmann – To Where the Light Retreats

progressive death metal
Tann, Germany

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