Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 13 April

From the Petrified Forest – Marzipan [EP] (progressive rock)

Portland, Oregon

Hybrid Nightmares – Obelisk [EP] (progressive black metal)


Magam – Another (avant-garde jazz)

Thessaloniki, Greece
On Thirsty Leaves Music

Reto Suhner & Fabian M. Mueller – Am Grund (modern jazz)

Zürich, Switzerland
On Anuk

Sam Andreae, David Birchall, Toshimaru Nakamura, and Otto Willberg – Live at Ftarri (free jazz)

Manchester, UK
On Raw Tonk

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RAIC, Slow Evolution Ensemble, Five Agents, Black Flower, Untu, and Scatter the Atoms That Remain

Richmond Avant-Improv Collective – Lamentations (Arichnidiscs)

It seems not so long ago that I reviewed an album by the Richmond-based collective, yet here we are again so soon! Lamentations will be released at the end of April and consists of the same avant-garde free improvisation that made RAIC what it is. On this record, however, the here-nonet band conjures images and sounds from the South of the United States. As always, the result is an outstanding free jazz effort with a punk attitude. It’s an eerie and at times unsettling adventure, and that’s why it’s so great!

Casper Nyvang

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 6 April

Cognitive Dissonance – Demo [EP] (progressive black metal)


Crater – Suffer Existence [EP] (progressive death metal)

Davenport, Iowa

Drumming Cellist – Abraxas (contemporary classical)

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Shamin – Fine Gnaw (experimental jazz, progressive rock)

Brisbane, Australia

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Sunday, 7

ადილეი (Adilei) – ადილეი (Adilei) [EP] (folk, polyphony, choir)

Tbilisi, Georgia

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Poil, Ikarus, The Mercury Tree, Kooba Tercu, Amogh Symphony, and Samo Šalamon

Poil – Sus (Dur et doux)

Sus is far from Poil‘s first gross indecency. However, I must say that I think it’s their best so far. The French trio has carved a name for itself by playing eccentric, off-kilter, psychedelic, and complex prog, and it’s evident as to why when you take a slight listen to their upcoming effort. Eclectic and surprising, Sus is a stellar record that belongs in any avant-prog shelf. Out on April 26.

Ikarus – Mosaismic (Iapetus)

The incredible German modern jazz group Ikarus is about to deliver a new opus with Mosaismic. The … Read more

New Music Video from Oort Smog for “Bright Empty Future”

We’ve recently reviewed the psychedelic Californian jazz-prog duo Oort Smog‘s upcoming masterpiece: Smeared Pulse Transfers. To recapitulate briefly, it’s a brilliant and innovative album that is full of surprises and good times.

Before the album’s release, on the 26th, you can watch this amazing video, directed by Dylan Louis Pecora, for the song “Bright Empty Future”, which you can also listen to on their Bandcamp page. The video uses various techniques in conjunction and superposition with one another, which gives it a pretty surreal feeling—not so far, in fact, from the feeling given by the music, too!

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