Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 10 November

All Cats Are Beautiful – A/C/A/B #2 [EP] (indie pop)
London, UK
On Fu Inle Records

Bastila – Genera [EP] (progressive metalcore)
Toronto, Ontario

Emika – Falling in Love with Sadness (ambient electronic, darkwave)
On Emika Records

He Was Eaten by Owls – Inchoate with the Light Go I [EP] (contemporary classical, progressive rock)
London, UK
On Fu Inle Records

Peculate – “Replace Your Leaders” [Single] (experimental dubstep)

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 3 November

Timothée Quost – Before Zero Crossing (free jazz, noise)
Copenhagen, Denmark
On Gotta Let It Out

Var – “Moments” [Single] (post-rock)

Monday, 5

Ben Norton – “Un automne allemand” [Single] (jazz)

Epochate – Chronicles of a New Era (symphonic metal, darkwave)
Rome, Italy

Oak Pantheon & Amiensus – Gathering Ⅱ [Split] (atmospheric black metal, folk metal)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Cécile Cappozzo Trio, Piah Mater, Josh Sinton’s Predicate Trio, Benjamin Schaefer, Thoren, Bak, Noise Trail Immersion, Frank Macchia & Brock Avery, and Sunless Dawn

Cécile Cappozzo Trio – Sub rosa

I’ve mentioned it before, but jazz labels need to become modern and stop being so hostile to their customers. In a practice that harms everyone involved—the customer, the label, and the musicians—it’s impossible to listen to the entirety of Sub rosa, in order to make an informed decision before buying it. That being said, Cécile Cappozzo‘s Trio crafted an astonishing album, here. Comprised of the thirty-seven-minute, four-part monster “Chaos” and the relatively short title track, Sub rosa is an incredible free jazz record. Seldom has a title been so descriptive. Dive … Read more

Saint Sadrill – Pierrefilant

The Music

The Words

Pierrefilant is the debut album of Lyon, France’s Saint Sadrill sextet, who plays a thoroughly interwoven mix of avant-garde prog and jazz fusion. Out on November 2 via the excellent French label Dur et Doux, the album is over an hour long and features a full-time vibraphonist. I was anticipating the album since the first single came out, and, now that it is, let me tell you about it.

I was expecting the release to be good; I mean, listen to “Corq”: it’s beautiful. Even if it’s not the most theoretically interesting track on there, it … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 27 October

Andrés – “Romphims and Mimosas” [Single] (jazz, pop)
Bakersfield, California

Karmic Juggernaut – “Trick or Treat MF” [Single] (experimental rock)
Asbury Park, New Jersey

A Monumental Black Statue – Earth Totem I. [EP] (black metal)
London, UK
On Vexator Syndicate

Vantana Row – Draggin’ Suzy [EP] (experimental hardcore)
Oakland, California

Sunday, 28

Lifelost – Dialogues from Beyond [EP] (black metal)
Bilbao, Spain
On Transcending Obscurity Records

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