Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 15 September

Dysylumn – Occultation (black metal)
On Egregor Records

Geryon – Astomatous (avant-garde death metal)

ハイパーライトニングハイドラ (Haipā Raitoningu Haidora) Hyper Lightning Hydra – 宇宙ヒエロファントX (Uchū hierofanto X) Cosmic Hierophant X (progressive metal, MIDI)

i.o – Within Scattered Systems (free jazz, mathcore)

Mehdi Nabti & Prototype – Les règles de l’Art (ethno-ingénierie) (world fusion, modern jazz)

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Karas, Molly Drag, High Tension, Stop Motion Orchestra, Other Families, Moon Goons, Octaves, Irreversible Mechanism, and Stuff.

Karas – Karas

Karas display an impressive force with their self-titled debut. Post-black metal, atmospheric and at times very melodic, with shameless influences of post-hardcore music, this album is a must!

Molly Drag – Thumper

Montreal’s indie rock band Molly Drag, sometimes labeled slowcore, released recently Thumper, their newest collection of sad songs. Dreamy and shoegazy, it’s a slow and contemplative record, and that’s where all its beauty resides.

High Tension – Purge

High Tension is a promising blend of blackened death metal and post-hardcore, which they expertly play on Purge, their fourth album. This band is … Read more

Kendall Burks – Waves

The Music

The Words

Kendall Burks is a musician and composer from Littleton, Colorado. Primarily using loops, he creates cinematic soundscapes, atmospheric compositions. That’s not to say that they don’t take centre stage. On Waves, this formula is put to work in a style that amalgamates progressive rock, math rock, indie folk, and world music in a whole that sounds minimalistic, rather than pompous, and that’s utterly delightful.

As the album goes on, you slowly get sucked into its quicksands. The guitar parts usually take the lead, but they are joined by many percussive and rhythmic ideas from other … Read more

Opposite Day – Divide by Nothing

The Music

The Words

Opposite Day are no newcomers to me: I’ve enjoyed my fair share of I Calculate Great and Space Taste Race, Part Zero, their two 2017 releases, but today marks the release of Divide by Nothing, their latest EP, and their best yet.

Art rock, progressive rock, math rock: those are the terms with which you’d best describe the songs here, even though the band has already dabbled in other genres. Here, however, the Texan trio pushes things farther into art territory, especially on “The Only Way to Travel”, a real upbeat, funky, and creative … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 8

La’akea – She Would’ve Been an Acrobat, (free jazz) – Potentially Kinetic Records

Sunday, 9

Ehnahre & Hadean – Rites for Winter (experimental doom metal)

Travis Orbin – Finite II (instrumental progressive metal, chamber music)

We Are Leif – Breathe (nu jazz, soul)

Monday, 10

Bubu – El eco del sol (progressive rock)

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