Weekly Release Dump

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Friday, 26 November

Agustí Fernández & Sarah Claman – Dandelion

free improvisation
Poznań, Poland
Multikulti Project

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Agvirre – Urtica in Glass

atmospheric black metal
Manchester, UK

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Anomalie – Tranceformation

atmospheric black metal
Seesen, Germany
Art of Propaganda

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November in 256 Albums

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Monday, 1 November

Aventa Ensemble – Chants convergents

contemporary classical
Vancouver, British Columbia
Redshift Music

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CM80 – The Death of Sleep

progressive … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Hover over foreign scripts for pronunciation and romanization.

Friday, 19 November

Accordo dei contrari – Ur-

progressive rock

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Adam Roberts – Bell Threads

contemporary classical
New York, New York
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Plebeian Grandstand – Rien ne suffit

Every year, there are releases that solidify the following statement: “This has been a great year for music.” Rien ne suffit is an example of this. I co-host a radio show at my local university called The Funeral Directory. It’s a metal specialty show on Monday nights. We do it for the love of aggressive music, and partially because we don’t trust anyone else to create the playlists. If you’re like me, you listen to a lot of metal, and perhaps you wrongly assume that certain bands are household names at this point. “Everyone knows Imperial Triumphant”, you might … Read more

Rhizone, Ventifacts, Shamblemaths, and Wood River

Rhizone – Metropolis, or, In Search of the Black Water, Act Ⅰ: Timelines

To fully subjugate yourselves into the story Rhizone has created for their musical theatre Metropolis, or In Search of the Black Water, you’ll have to read the script, available with a purchase of the album on Bandcamp, or listen closely to the lyrics during your listening session. This will naturally happen as you hit play on Timelines, as the music often diverges into foreign territory so as to more strongly support the story being told. Timelines is one of the best progressive rock concept … Read more