EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Alex’s Hand – “This Is Sumthing You Can Never Clean”

Progressive jazz-rock band Alex’s Hand already made the news on here—I reviewed their latest album, Katatak—so you already know what to expect from them. Today, I’m glad to present the band’s newest single, “This Is Sumthing You Can Never Clean”, off of their upcoming album, Hungarian Spa.

Quite short, at under three minutes, the song is nonetheless very interesting. If not for the vocal harmonies and bombastic introduction, stay for the complex drums and pop-jazz interlude. Midway between big band jazz and prog rock, this song undeniably sets the stage for the band’s next album.

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 8 December

Carcajou – “Pied de nez” [Single] (post-hardcore)
Montréal, Québec

Jacky Ligon – Transition [EP] (ambient electronic, microtonal)
United States
On Scapescircle

Kataplexis – Kataplexis [EP] (blackened grindcore)
Calgary, Alberta
On PRC Music

Sunday, 9

Adrian Shegstad – Of Majesty This Genesis (experimental electro, soundtrack)
Tampa, Florida

D. Ocean – Sad Beauty [EP] (darkwave)
United States
On Polycoffin

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Y/N, Oratnitza, Resurrecting Id, Laktating Yak, Jacob Collier, Dewa Budjana, Ukandanz, Turbohaler, and Politess

Y/N – Larry and the Eternal Light

Somewhere between avant-prog and pop music lies the intricate and eccentric Y/N entity. Larry and the Eternal Light is a fascinating achievement: it’s funky, groovy, experimental, addictive, challenging, and weird, all at the same time. It’s an amazing album that brings the weird factor to the forefront.

Oratnitza – Alter ethno

Oratnitza is a Bulgarian folk music band which emphasizes the dance aspect of their deeply-rooted traditional music, as well as influences from other ethnic musics; hence the title. For example, their usual lineup consists of a kaval (a Balkan flute), didgeridoo (Australian), … Read more

November in 248 Albums

Thursday, 1 November

Andrea Keller & Miroslav Bukovsky – The Komeda Project (contemporary jazz)
Melbourne, Australia

Car Made of Glass – Foreign Graffiti (noise metal)
Fortuna, California

Districts – Green Is Not a Creative Colour (jazz fusion, modern jazz)
Birmingham, UK
On Jazz Plus Productions

In Twilight’s Embrace – Lawa [EP] (blackened death metal)
Poznan, Poland

Monobody – Raytracing (nu jazz)
Chicago, Illinois
On Soft Greens Music

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