John Ghost, For Now, Hermann Nitsch, Vessels, and CP Unit

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John Ghost – Airships Are Organisms (Sdban Ultra)

Upon first listening, Airships Are Organisms immediately made me reminisce Canadian prog act Glaswegians and the timeless Tubular Bells. This was perhaps only a temporary passage, but it was nonetheless present strongly in the opening piece, “Deconstructing Hymns”. In fact, the entirety of John Ghost‘s opus is highly diversified and masterfully crafted. As they put it, the album is “an exploratory symbiosis drawing on electronics, post-classical, cinematic atmospherics + jazz”, and I’ll have to agree with them. Airships Are Organisms draws as much from contemporary classical and jazz as it … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 5 July

Andrea Belfi – Strata [EP] (experimental electro, jazz fusion)

Berlin, Germany
On Float

Read our review.

Arkhaaik – *dʰg̑ʰm̥tós (experimental black metal)

On Iron Bonehead

Atrium – Synthesis (progressive metal)

Provo, Utah

Detach the Islands – The Burden to Become Fact [EP] (mathcore, powerviolence)

New Yorke

Detlef – “Where’s the Luau? Dang!” [Single] (math rock)

Atlanta, Georgia… Read more

Sevish, Glacier, Louis-Vincent Hamel, Zeitgeber, John Zorn, and Jack Quartet

Sevish – Horixens

After a series of impressive albums, the bar is high for UK microtonal electronic music artist Sevish. Horixens is set for release in July, independently. From the rhythmic experiments of Rhythm & Xen to the harmonic complexity of Harmony Hacker, what’s the next step? Well, Horixens seems to take a step down in terms of intensity, complexity, and experimentation in order to craft a more atmospheric experience. The beats and motifs therein are generally more gentle and make for a relaxed listening experience. The goal, I think, is to cater to a different crowd, one … Read more

NOT-002: Rïga – Chaos et félicité

The Hype

Here comes the second release under Not Music‘s wings! French percussionist and composer Bastien Jouvin’s creative journey for Chaos et félicité has been kick-started by our Marathon software. The prospect of new, impossible rhythms seems to have had a catalytic effect on him, and new compositions just seemed to pour out of his mind. The results of these experiments are amassed on this forty-minute album, which is coming out in one month, on August 7.

Rïga’s style fuses electronic walls of texture, classical percussion, post-rock swells, noise passages, and hardcore beats, and it’s truer than ever on … Read more

Joliette, Le String’Blö, Low Vertigo, Liquid Quintet, A World Wondered Full, and Andrea Belfi

Joliette – Luz devora (Penelope)

Mexican mathcore act Joliette have always been cool. Today, it’s because they’ve recently released Luz devora, a massive hourlong overdriven math rock adventure. This awkward description is also why I reluctantly call them “mathcore”. They do not sound like your Car Bomb or your Dillinger Escape Plan. They’re more like a heavy math rock band with some hardcore influences. Never mind the taxonomic squabbles, try out Joliette and figure out for yourselves!

Le String’Blö – March for Nature (Veto)

The Swiss avant-garde jazz quintet just released March for Nature, an incredible, challenging, … Read more