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In order to keep following our website’s guidelines and ultimate goal of supporting and promoting underground experimental, creative, and progressive music, we are now offering a web label service and our very own seal of approval: Not Music.

Through the years, we have built a strong community that is eager to discover new and challenging music, and we believe that acting as a label is the next step in helping promote up-and-coming artists of the underground.

Our Philosophy

We all enjoy music, and we don’t think it should be inaccessible to anyone. Therefore, the digital version of our albums will always be free, but feel free to spare a coin or two if you can: it shows support and appreciation to us. We are also making physical releases free (more on that below), so that everyone can experience the joy of getting their CD by the mail. Next are three important aspects of our philosophy that we hope you will agree with and appreciate.

Regarding Signing

We most often hear bands getting signed on a label, however I want to try a different, more case-by-case approach: I’ll be signing albums, not bands. It’s a much more direct, but perhaps more cynical approach: instead of supporting vectors of music (the artists), I’m focusing on the music itself. Only when I can hear the final product can I give my fully informed approval and support for a piece of music. We hope that this little change in approach means as much to you as it does to us.

Regarding Quality and Quantity

I’ve noticed many a label churning out release after release, in what I assume can only be an avid quest for profit, with no regard whatsoever as to the quality of these (so long as they are above a certain, but low threshold of minimum quality). It has taken us almost one year, from inception to our first release, and I don’t expect our release rate to be much more than one per month ever (and I’m being optimistic), nor do I ever want to impose a quota of releases per year or per month; only the ones I feel I am completely on board with will get our seal of approval. It doesn’t matter if it takes another year to find another album to publish, only the most unique and special ones will pass. For us, it’s clear: quality over quantity.

Minimizing Harm

Environment: We are a tiny label, and our actions will barely make any difference in the grand scheme of things, but it’s imperative that each and every one does its part to mitigate pollution and climate change. As such, we’ll use whatever tools we can to reduce plastic waste (e.g. not wrapping our releases in plastic) and other forms of pollution. For example, we will keep packaging and physical extras (like booklet, poster, cards, etc.) to a minimum while still putting the artist’s choice and integrity at the forefront. If the artist feels like a booklet or additional panels is an intrinsic and necessary part of the experience, we will oblige, but if they can be conveyed via electronic files, we will prefer this option as it puts a much lesser burden on the environment. Right now, we are working with New Jersey-based company Disc Makers, which makes steps towards crafting environmentally friendly products: using recycled boards, vegetable-based inks, and minimal packaging.

Pricing: We don’t seek profit, this is a passion project. More than that, a true community shares everything, without expectation of a return, but with the assurance that everyone helps one another. What we can give is music, and so we give it. We hope that our endeavour will encourage more to give what they can, and true communities to form.

Shipping: Free.

Ethics: Moving forward, we are looking to work with an employees-owned duplication company or cooperative, preferably local (Montréal area). If you know or are part of one, please hit us up!

Placing an Order


You can easily download all our catalogue through Bandcamp for free, in the quality that you prefer.


You can place your order for free using this Google Form.


NOT-003: Doom Shrugs – The Sciolist Pace of the Cycleless Trace

doom shrugs

On Bandcamp (Label’s)
On Bandcamp (Band’s)
On Facebook

Country: New Zealand
Release date: 7 November 2019
Main genres: experimental math rock, mathcore, brutal prog

NOT-002: Rïga – Chaos et félicité

riga chaos felicite

On Bandcamp (Label’s)
On Bandcamp (Band’s)
On Facebook

Country: France
Release date: 7 August 2019
Main genres: experimental electro, post-rock, noise

NOT-001: Potmos Hetoimos – Vox Medusae

On Bandcamp (Label’s)
On Bandcamp (Band’s)
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Country: USA
Release date: 12 September 2018
Main genres: progressive doom metal, mathcore, blackened hardcore, jazz

More to be announced.

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