Bonniesongs, Black Midi, Ensamble Peripecia, Broken Fall, Alexander Noice, and Dreare

Bonniesongs – Energetic Mind (Small Pond)

Bonniesongs already released some hot fire in the past, but her latest effort, Energetic Mind comes on top of it all. The Sydney-based singer and multi-instrumentalist showcases her newest compositions, and they are truly fabulous. The style she’s working in I would describe as “indie folk”, but it has more depth than a mere two words, and ties you into venomous pop melodies, complex layered instrumentation, and a whole lot of atmosphere. Just listen to the single “Barbara” for a prime example of what I’m trying to convey, here. The album comes out in … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 14 June

Anat Cohen Tentet – Triple Helix (jazz fusion)

New York, New York
On Anzic

Baroness – Gold & Grey (stoner metal)

Savannah, Georgia
On Relapse

The Biology of Plants – Volume 2 (nu jazz)

Brisbane, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

Claire Rousay – Aerophobia (free improv)

San Antonio, Texas
On Astral Spirits

Duett – Version [EP] (synthwave)

London, UK

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Stavros Gasparatos, The Pneumatic Transit, Gordon Beeferman, Kenta Shimakawa, and Park Jiha

Σταύρος Γασπαράτος (Stavros Gasparátos) – Rage Park (Inner Ear)

Greek composer Σταύρος Γασπαράτος (Stavros Gasparátos) recently released Rage Park, an electro-classical album exploring rage and stillness, and how the two can be very close to one another. The music is also accompanied by a video trilogy, which you can watch above. The album does a great job of mixing classical music, mostly in the form of soundtrack music but also exploring more contemporary styles, and electronic music elements. The album is very dynamic and can be as contemplative as cathartically violent.

The Pneumatic Transit – Chordae tendineae

The project … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 7 June

Aurora – A Different Kind of Human: Step Ⅱ (synth pop, art pop)

On Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC

Brandee Younger – Soul Awakening (jazz fusion, jazz-hop)

New York, New York

Buy Jupiter – Eclipse [EP] (progressive metalcore)

Lyon, France
On Apathia

Chon – Chon (alternative rock)

Oceanside, California
On Sumerian

EABS – Slavic Spirits (modern jazz, jazz fusion)

Wrocław, Poland
On Astigmatic

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Tim Daisy, Fabian Almazan Trio, Alarmist, Elephant9, and Enablers

Tim Daisy – New Works for Solo Percussion (Relay)

Percussionist Tim Daisy just released his New Works for Solo Percussion collection, on his own record label Relay. This collection of new performances includes three major pieces—”Space within Limbs”, “Troika”, and “Construction House”—and a bonus one, “Wood on Copper” (it is unknown if the latter is intended as an antipolice anthem or not, but it has become so). Considering my longtime love affair with percussion and rhythm in general, it’s not surprising that I immediately fell in love with this record. Tim’s vision of music and performing aptitudes make for an … Read more