November in 248 Albums

Thursday, 1 November

Andrea Keller & Miroslav Bukovsky – The Komeda Project (contemporary jazz)
Melbourne, Australia

Car Made of Glass – Foreign Graffiti (noise metal)
Fortuna, California

Districts – Green Is Not a Creative Colour (jazz fusion, modern jazz)
Birmingham, UK
On Jazz Plus Productions

In Twilight’s Embrace – Lawa [EP] (blackened death metal)
Poznan, Poland

Monobody – Raytracing (nu jazz)
Chicago, Illinois
On Soft Greens Music

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Mula & Poil, Nybo/Ravn, Inertia, Anguish, Matthieu Donarier, Sheep Effect, Seajeff, Beaten to Death, Sound Underground, Terzo, Jared Burrows, and Talweg

Mula & Poil – Mulapoil

French avant-prog phenomenon Poil always impress, so I guess they aren’t surprising in that regard, but they’ve joined forces now with Colombian band Mula for a lengthy experimental split record. Poil’s thirteen-minute song, “Gagaku”, shows them at their peak of creativity and musicianship, while Mula’s side acquaints us with the unknown entity. Both sides of this little album are genuinely interesting in their own rights and a nice little derangement of the ear.

Nybo/Ravn – En (alle)

This odd Norwegian organism just released what looks like their debut album for streaming on Bandcamp, even if … Read more

Monthly Recommendations: November 2018

Anguish – Anguish

The album is the epitome of this genre fusion, perhaps the best one to come out of it yet—more certainly the best one I know—swaying between experimental jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and electronic, noise passages. A must!

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Poline Renou, Matthieu Donarier et Sylvain Lemêtre – Adieu mes très belles

Adieu mes très belles assembles contemporary compositions with traditional folksongs and improvisation techniques. The result is à cheval between avant-garde jazz and contemporary classical music, as well as folk music.

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Noise Trail Immersion – Symbology of Shelter

Most of the time, it’s a gem of

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 24 November

i.o – Cryptic History (experimental jazz, free jazz)
Victoria, British Columbia

Horizon Ablaze – “Di inferi” [Single] (blackened death metal)
Kristiansand, Norway

Klein – Klein (modern jazz, electro-jazz)
Brussel, Belgium

Melopœia – The Entire “Bee Movie” Script Turned Into Music [2-disc] (experimental)
Montréal, Québec

Soul Cycle – Soul Cycle Ⅲ (progressive metal)
Savannah, Georgia

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