Roz Harding – Supermood

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I have to say I didn’t expect to be this impressed by saxophonist Roz Harding‘s album, precisely because of the lack of a bass guitarist in the project. As a bassist myself I think it’s an important part of any band, but there are more than one bass-less band I follow and love, so this wouldn’t be the first. I’m glad to say that Supermood is part of that category. Having no bass means there is a part of the audio spectrum that is not tapped into, not that the music lacks interest.

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Dark Ages, Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon, Changeling, Ground Heights, Uboa & Muddy Lawrence, The Aftermath, Fractured Dimension, Electric Coconut, and Cristiano Calcagnile

Dark Ages – Dark Ages

Experimental math rock is a wild and wide genre. Latest in line is the New York semi-improvisational crew Dark Ages, whose approach to the sound includes doom, stoner, and punk influences. These translate well into challenging and fun music that’s harsh but oddly approachable.

Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon – Blue Desert

This trio (yes, it includes the unmentioned Lio Romano on keyboards) from Israel plays Middle-Eastern rock with all the microtonal mumbo-jumbo we’ve come to expect form such acts! The compositions on Blue Desert are sweet and sound quite close to the “world … Read more

Pale – EP

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You might remember when we wrote about Pale‘s Demo, promising a bright future for the Tokyo band. Well, this future is now, as the Japanese blackgaze entity just released their debut EP through Pest Productions! I do take quite a bit of undeserved pride when seeing bands which I talked about in their early stages sprout and become ever so slightly recognized in the music community. The previous one, if I remember correctly, was Sunless and their 2016 demo, a year before they released their widely beloved debut Urraca. But enough patting … Read more

EXCLUSIVE SONG PREMIERE: Journal – “Duplicitous Moonlight”

Over eight years after the release of their life-altering concept album Unlorja, Sacramento-based progressive mathcore band Journal will release Chrysalis ordalias. The album promises to be a new take on the hectic Journal sound, and here’s a new song, “Duplicitous Moonlight”, to prove it.

The album will be released on July 17th, and can be pre-ordered on their bandcamp page. Of course, I bought the edition that comes with the 160-page book detailing the story behind Chrysalis ordalias, and I encourage you do the same!

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