Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 9 August

Anna Pest – The Ocean Calls Me Home [EP] (deathcore, melodic death metal)

Montréal, Québec

The Contortionist – Our Bones [EP] (alternative metal)

Indianapolis, Indiana
On eOne Heavy

David Bruce – The North Wind Was a Woman (contemporary classical)

On Signum

Flexity – Oura (breakcore, chiptune)


Gland – Fun in the Sun [EP] (death metal, deathgrind)

Ottawa, Ontario

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The Central, Organic Noises, INUS, Mouthbreathr™, Ḥashshāshīn, and Naked Eye Ensemble

central organic noises inus mouthbreathr hashshashin naked eye ensemble

The Central – Van Dyke Browne’s Crystal

Wisconsin-based mathcore group The Central has been a longtime favourite of mine. Just look at my past reviews of Discovery of a Rat and Sick and Dying for proof. Well, out of the blue and without warning, the duo just put out a new EP, and it’s as good as anything they’ve done before! If you want crunchy off-time riffs with a healthy dose of weird, look no further!

Organic Noises – Organic Noises (Lynx Music)

Some of you might recall—but I doubt it—of a band named Relocator, birthed out of the … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 2 August

Aaron Myers-Brooks – Energetic Bursts (progressive metal)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Blame God – Power and Control [EP] (grindcore)

New York

Fawn Limbs – Harm Remissions [EP] (mathcore, grindcore)

On Wolves and Vibrancy

Humanity’s Last Breath – Abyssal (deathcore)

Helsingborg, Sweden
On Unique Leader

I Am the Morning – The Bell (progressive rock)

Sankt Peterburg, Russian Federation

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Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 26 July

Abe – Abe [EP] (math rock, post-hardcore)

Harlow, UK

After Ours – Random Nuggets (jazz fusion, pop)

South Bend, Indiana

Rebecca Nash’s Atlas – Peaceful King (modern jazz)

Bristol, UK
On Whirlwind

Ben Rempel – Desert Music [EP] (experimental jazz)

Los Angeles, California
On Orenda

Christopher Cerrone – The Pieces that Fall to Earth (contemporary classical)

Brooklyn, New York
On New Amsterdam

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Say Hello to Our New Reddit Bot!

I’ve been using Reddit for quite some time, now, and, I have to say, I love this platform! I’ve made many musical discoveries, and it’s also a daily source of news and other content. I created r/ctebcm a while ago, but it never truly gained much attention, as I was focusing on the actual website and sharing on our Facebook page, and, more recently, our “This Is Not Music” group.

However, with my recently self-taught programming skills, I’ve written a script that automatically posts an album I’ve listened to—and probably liked—since 2018. This was possible because I’ve kept … Read more