Marathon is a program to help musicians create microrhythms. You can read more about microrhythms here and here.

The program can easily create MIDI microrhythm tracks that can serve many purposes, like a click track for music practice and improvement on micro- and xenorhythms
or a template for microrhythmic composition on MIDI. Besides microrhythms, Marathon can also create regular rhythms as well as n-tuplets of any sort which can then be superposed on a steady grid.


You can download a standalone version of the script for your operating system below, just double-click on it and it will run.

Marathon (Mac OS X) 2019-05-16 (6.6 MB)

Marathon (Windows) 2019-05-16 (6.4 MB)

Marathon (Linux) – (Coming some day maybe)

Github link


Facebook group: Marathon Composers