NOT MUSIC: Potmos Hetoimos – Vox Medusae‘s One-Month Anniversary

It has already been a month since the release of Vox Medusae, and it has been very impressive and amazing to see your response to it. Many of you bought the album, either digitally or physically, and many more downloaded it for free on either mine or Potmos Hetoimos‘s bandcamp page.

We still have some digipaks left, and they’re still at the same low prices. With regards to shipping, we actually overshot our estimate and will be reviewing our flat rate down for future sales. That is, if you intend to buy a digipak, it will be even … Read more

Augustn’t: A Short Intermission

Some of you know I’ve been working on finding and reviewing music for this site for many years now. It’s a very time-consuming effort, which has been possible for me since I was still at school, had a flexible schedule, and could listen to music all day while doing other stuff. My morning schedule is basically this: wake up, read emails for interesting promotions and albums, update facebook and other websites where music news can be shared, catch up on the new releases from bandcamp, and then get to listen to all that sounded promising and decide whether or not … Read more

Year 6 Compilation Available Now!

Listen and Download for Free

The Words

Our sixth year as a music blog is over today, enter year 7! As the name suggests, Year 6 compiles some of the best releases that we came across from July 2017 to July 2018. Most of them are taken from our Monthly Recommendations column, but a few aren’t because we discovered them after the month has passed. What we have is almost one hundred tracks of diverse music from many corners of the world. 1.2 gigabytes; many, many hours.

I have to thanks all the bands who contributed to this compilation, and … Read more

Monthly Recommendations – October 2017

Coma Cluster VoidThoughts from a Stone

Thoughts from a Stone is a praise-worthy successor to the band’s debut album, and expands many ideas that were expressed there further. For example, what I like to call the “chromatic neighbourhood” – many consecutive chromatic notes – in chords and scales. Its traditional use is to bridge the perfect fourth and fifth with a tritone, especially in blues, but it can sound very unsettling when using it around the tonal centre and with more than three neighbouring notes.


AriadneStabat Mater

On Stabat Mater, however, Christine and Benjamin take

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Monthly Recommendations – September 2017

II II II – Frequency Illusion

What is there to say, honestly? The works presented on this full-length album takes what the band’s debut was all about, but with slightly better production and composition overall. You still get the mathy riffs, the jazzy grooves, and the hardcore-style vocals, but you get more of them, and you get only the best of them.


Rivener – Rivener

The band definitely borrows a lot from free jazz, but they apply their knowledge of it successfully to experimental and noise rock. Well, maybe it’s just not jazz by omission. Lay down some saxophone

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