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The Words

Our sixth year as a music blog is over today, enter year 7! As the name suggests, Year 6 compiles some of the best releases that we came across from July 2017 to July 2018. Most of them are taken from our Monthly Recommendations column, but a few aren’t because we discovered them after the month has passed. What we have is almost one hundred tracks of diverse music from many corners of the world. 1.2 gigabytes; many, many hours.

I have to thanks all the bands who contributed to this compilation, and everyone who followed our website throughout the years! Many thanks to Simeon Bartholomew for this amazing artwork, and also for collaborating one track from his band Seims! The strength of our website is based on our variety and thoroughness when it comes to music, and we will continue to work with that in mind.

So, once again, thanks to everyone who contributed to CTEBCM, either by reading or playing music. I love you all!

On July 13 2018, this entry was posted.