Morrow – “Hiraeth”

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I’m glad to once again be the messenger of pleasing acoustic waves, this time thanks to Seattle-based atmospheric black metal band Morrow. “Hiraeth” is the second track of the band’s debut album, The Weight of These Feathers, out on 21 July.

When I say atmospheric black metal, it’s not giving them enough credit, however. The band pulls some elements of post-metal and blackgaze in order to craft a brilliant sound that is indubitably theirs. Other than only relying on standard “metal” instrumentation, Morrow includes acoustic guitars, a … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 7

Cemetery Piss – Order of the Vulture (blackened thrash metal)

Monday, 9

Jean-Christophe Cholet, Alban Darche, Mathias Rüegg & Grand Ensemble – Le tombeau de Poulenc (jazz fusion)

Wednesday, 11

Future Corpse – Culture Ruins Everything around Me (post-hardcore)

Jordan Nobles – Möbius (contemporary classical)

高円寺百景 (Kōenjihyakkei) – ドリンビスカ (Dorimbisuka) / Dhorimviskha (zeuhl, avant-prog)

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Year 6 Compilation Available Now!

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Our sixth year as a music blog is over today, enter year 7! As the name suggests, Year 6 compiles some of the best releases that we came across from July 2017 to July 2018. Most of them are taken from our Monthly Recommendations column, but a few aren’t because we discovered them after the month has passed. What we have is almost one hundred tracks of diverse music from many corners of the world. 1.2 gigabytes; many, many hours.

I have to thanks all the bands who contributed to this compilation, and … Read more

Geph – Apophenia

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You like Chapman stick, right? Who doesn’t? This simple apparatus akin to a wooden plank fitted with too many metal transverses and strings made primarily for tapping gives a nice, airy tone, and is perfect for self-accompaniment, thanks for its huge tessitura. Many artists have put this device to good use, but I recall none using two of them at once!

Enters Boston’s Geph—the pronunciation of which is an extension of the /dʒɪf/-/ɡɪf/ debate—, which is made up of two stickists and a drummer. The instrumental trio plays a modern brand of progressive rock highly … Read more

Jptr – The Absence Of…

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Jptr—disemvoweled “Jupiter”—is a Swiss avant-pop duo. Consisting of Ramón Oliveras, of modern jazz band Ikarus fame, and Andrina Bollinger, who is part of another art pop duo: Eclecta, Jptr boasts one of the most impressive, and, perhaps, surprising lineups.

After catching up with the project’s self-titled 2,017 release—with which I immediately fell in love—, I gave a shot at The Absence Of…, which is coming out on 13 July. While their debut, Jptr, is rhythmic and upbeat and energetic, its follow-up veers in an entirely new direction. Atmospheric, contemplative, and minimalist, The Read more