Alister Spence and Satoko Fujii Orchestra Kobe, Agamemnon Moustakas, and João MacDowell

Alister Spence and Satoko Fujii Orchestra Kobe – Imagine Meeting You Here

Australian jazz pianist and composer Alister Spence joined forces with Satoko Fujii Orchestra Kobe, a big band jazz ensemble, to give life to his newest vision: Imagine Meeting You Here. The album comprises five tracks, anywhere between compositions and improvisations. Jazz improvisation by an orchestra is something quite unusual. The greater the number of heads, the harder it is to guide them. So, it’s quite a feat that has been pulled off here! The improvisations don’t feel aimless, quite the contrary, and the musicians hop back … Read more

William Covert, Key to Abyss, Wing Walker Orchestra, Allison Miller, Quinsin Nachoff, and Dieu

William Covert – Music for Synthesizer and Drums (Coup sur coup)

Highly anticipated on my end, William Covert‘s solo album doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. The seven tracks on display are based on keyboard motives, atop which drums are played, half-written, half-improvised. Thanks to the odd metres often found in said tracks, the vibe is very much into progressive rock territory. Music for Synthesizer and Drums is excellent, and it’s quite enjoyable just letting it drone on in your ears.

Key to Abyss – Beautiful Demons [2-disc]

Key to Abyss‘s Beautiful Demons is a free jazz concept double … Read more

Nudo, Lost Crowns, Uswa, Spinifex, Emile Parisien Quartet, The Moon Project, MRW, Strata, and Shrimp

Nudo – La última de las burocracias

Nudo is a duo from Buenos Aires playing some really impressive, rhythmically challenging jazz. La última de las burocracias is their debut album and consists of seven tracks exploring the piano and drums duo, but also the use of tuned and un-tuned percussions. It’s a highly energetic and rewarding avant-garde jazz album to listen to, not too far off from another great piano-drums duo called Dialectical Imagination.

Lost Crowns – Every Night Something Happens (Bad Elephant Music)

Lost Crowns is a retro prog band that seemingly aims to recapture the more psychedelic … Read more


Hailing from Lyon, France, the Shelter quintet crafts high-quality progressive rock fusing jazz elements into a cohesive yet chaotic whole. After their 2017 EP Spetsnaz, they’re back with the single “Mercure”, filmed and recorded live. As explicit by the very first few seconds, the rhythm is an important part of Shelter’s identity, soon followed by the effects-laden trumpet and groovy drums. Obviously, the two guitars in the band play their own important role, bringing in complex harmonies and rhythmic patterns conflicting and complementing each other.

The seven-minute track is, I hope, the first of many more to come. For … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 26 January

Key to Abyss – Beautiful Demons [2-disc] (free jazz)

Vancouver, British Columbia

Light Dweller – Incandescent Crucifix [EP] (atmospheric black metal)

Tempe, Arizona

Sunday, 27

Long Hallways – Close Your Eyes to Travel (post-rock)

Portland, Oregon

Somn – The All​-​Devouring (blackgaze, post-black)

Saint Petersburg, Russia
On Elusive Sound

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Monday, 28

Dead Kiwis – Systematic Home Run [EP] (mathcore)

Lyon, France

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