New Music Video from Oort Smog for “Bright Empty Future”

We’ve recently reviewed the psychedelic Californian jazz-prog duo Oort Smog‘s upcoming masterpiece: Smeared Pulse Transfers. To recapitulate briefly, it’s a brilliant and innovative album that is full of surprises and good times.

Before the album’s release, on the 26th, you can watch this amazing video, directed by Dylan Louis Pecora, for the song “Bright Empty Future”, which you can also listen to on their Bandcamp page. The video uses various techniques in conjunction and superposition with one another, which gives it a pretty surreal feeling—not so far, in fact, from the feeling given by the music, too!

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Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 30 March

Dadèf Quartet – Sonnerie (jazz fusion, world fusion)

Toulouse, France

Eucalyptus – Kick It ’till You Flip It [EP] (experimental jazz)

Hamilton, Ontario

Kerala – Anagenesis (experimental progressive metal)

Vancouver, British Columbia

Knots – Sing, Shattering, a Poem in Reverse (free jazz, noise rock)

Perth, Australia
On Tone List

Ocean Fanfare – Imagine Sound, Imagine Silence (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Copenhagen, Denmark
On Barefoot

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Monthly Recommendations: March 2019

Asymmetric Universe – When Reality Disarticulates

The world is seemingly an inexhaustible well of mind-blowing metal fusion artists, the latest of which on my list are part of the Italian Asymmetric Universe band. The musicianship on display is on par or better than the best in the genre, with a Breweresque bassist, a Pliniish guitarist, and a Garstkan drummer, you’ve certainly got a recipe for success. Their EP is merely three songs long, with an additional introduction that brings the number of tracks to four, but these tracks are all highly potent and incredibly satisfying to listen to. These guys

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March in 164 Albums

Friday, 1 March

Alkymist – Wreckage of the Raging World [EP] (blackened doom metal)

Montréal, Québec

Berried Alive – Make It Work (progressive metalcore)

Vancouver, Washington

Body Thief – Travel Glow [EP] (post-hardcore)

Washington, D.C.

Bryan McAllister – Very Stable Genius (jazz fusion)

Los Angeles, California
On Orenda

Cartographs – Wilt & Blossom (post-metal)

Copenhagen, Denmark
On Prime Collective

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Oli Steidle and the Killing Popes, Pixvae, Shamin, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Paracelze, and Nuno Aroso

Oli Steidle and the Killing Popes – Ego Pills (Shhpuma)

Shhpuma, a derivative of Clean Feed, continues to solidify its position as a purveyor of awe-striking music. The newest demonstration is Ego Pills, an album by the experimental jazz-rock unit Oli Steidle and the Killing Popes. As you can imagine with the above video, the entire album deals in the psychedelic and the musically abstract, as the aberrant, incongruous compositions show. The entire fifty minutes on disc are vibrant and varied, and offer numerous surprises and rewarding moments. It’s a very notable album.

Pixvae – Cali (Compagnie 4000)

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