Immortal Onion, Ābhāsa, Slift, The Archetypal Syndicate, Color Wheel, and Je’raf

Immortal Onion – XD: Experience Design

Polish nu jazz sensation Immortal Onion just released XD: Experience Design, a follow-up to their outstanding Ocelot of Salvation. The new album sees the trio hone their skills on odd metres, polyrhythms, and complex melodic themes. XD is a full forty minutes long, so there’s plenty to enjoy.

आभास (Ābhāsa) – १ (Eka) (Mystic Timbre)

So, what exactly is this? १ (Eka) is the debut album of mysterious American entity आभास (Ābhāsa), here remastered and re-released. The band is mostly about crafting eerie atmospheres with Eastern music instruments, timbres, and philosophy, … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 6 March

Barbora Kolářová – Imp in Impulse

contemporary classical
New York, New York
New Focus

Borgne – Y

atmospheric black metal
Lausanne, Switzerland

Crystal Coffin – The Transformation Room

progressive black metal
Vancouver, British Columbia

Dwaal – Gospel of the Vile

post-metal, sludge
Oslo, Norway
Karisma & Dark Essence

Ehnahre – Quatrain

drone, dark ambient
Boston, Massachusetts

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Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 28 February

Ævangelist – Nightmarecatcher

avant-garde black metal
Tampere, Finland
Hell’s Headbangers

Alfa Mist – On My Ones

nu jazz, hip-hop

Baklavaa – Sleep Running

noise rock, post-hardcore
Baltimore, Maryland
Crass Lips

Beneath the Massacre – Fearmonger

technical death metal
Montréal, Québec
Century Media

Donald Sinta Quartet – Ex māchina

contemporary classical
Bright Shiny Things

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Yaldabaoth, Syzygy, Y/N, Souphl, Jon Hatamiya, and Cocanha

Yaldabaoth – That which Whets the Saccharine Palate (Lycaean Triune)

Here’s a gargantuan Alaskan black metal band: Yaldabaoth. I’ve been waiting over a year for That which Whets the Saccharine Palate to whet my saccharine palate. It was almost released in early 2019, but soon after the announcement it was taken offline and I didn’t hear from it until very recently, when it officially released! Enter, seeker of dissonance, and find what thou seekest!

Syzygy – Xendeavor One

When will we run out of microtonal calembours? Hopefully never! Here’s Xendeavor One, from John Lervold’s electro-xenharmonic project Syzygy. … Read more

Monthly Recommendations: February 2020

Anomalia – Anomalia (Multikulti)

Anomalia is a septet from Poland playing their very own, dark, atmospheric fusion jazz. Each composition is quite fascinating in its own right, thanks to the chemistry between everyone involved and the sense of purpose of the composers and improvisers. Anomalia is a great collection of pensive pieces!

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Lent – Croix-bâtons (Tricollectif)

Spawn of another amazing French collective—Tricollectif—Lent is an incredibly strange band melting post-rock, experimental jazz, and spoken word into an unlikely alloy. It’s heavy, contemplative, jarring, and melancholic; it’s unique and disturbing. Be sure to take the time to appreciate its … Read more