Thrailkill – Detach

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Wes Thrailkill is back with another killer release! This time, a 20 minute EP titled Detach. Wes wrote this during quarantine after having trouble finding inspiration and second guessing nearly everything he produced. But in the end he relinquished himself to the creative process and forged this beauty. Wes compares his mindset while creating Detach, to pulling a random card from a shuffled deck. Despite that mindset, he still managed to make it flow as a cohesive piece. It’s heavy, melodic, jazzy, chaotic, virtuosic, and everything in-between. Wes’s guitar tone is flawless as usual, … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

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Friday, 30 October


atmospheric black metal, post-metal
United States

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Algiers – Cleveland 20/20

experimental rock
Atlanta, Georgia

Ambient Jazz Ensemble – Aura

nu jazz
London, UK
Here & Now

Ballrogg – Rolling Ball

free improvisation
Clean Feed

Beltez – A Grey Chill and a Whisper

atmospheric black metal
Avantgarde Music

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Focusrights, Vultress, Abhasa, Beaten to Death, Botanist, and Agonanist

Focusrights – Ew, Music!

The Ukrainian mathgrind unit Focusrights just released the Ew, Music! EP. As befits its genre, it’s relatively short, standing at a little under twenty minutes, but this time is incredibly busy with time changes, genre hoppings, eclectic rhythms, dissonant chords, and confusing melodies. It’s an angry, heavy, and creative album that you should absolutely love!

Vultress – Hypnopompia

Vultress is one of those hidden pearls. A prog band that for the most part no one knows about, but that delivers amazing material over and over. I stumbled upon them with their previous album, Distance, which … Read more

Monthly Recommendations: October 2020

Polymorphie – Claire Vénus (Compagnie 4000)

“A musical and allegorical digression of a romantic relationship.” That’s how the French experimental jazz quintet Polymorphie describe their most recent project, Claire Vénus. The album follows a series of poems and serves as a living soundtrack to it, which exacerbates the force of each medium exponentially. The kind of music Polymorphie plays is jazz, first and foremost, but it’s the hard-hitting, distortion-tangled, polyrhythm-loving kind. You know what kind. You know you love this. With the various poems, the album goes through a wide array of emotions, and it conveys them superbly. When … Read more

October in 256 Albums

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Thursday, 1 October

The Erkonauts – I Want It to End

progressive metal
Geneva, Switzerland

藤掛正隆と小埜涼子New Duo, Series 021

free improvisation
Nagoya, Japan

Manet – My Demo(n)s

dark jazz
Stavanger, Norway

No Sax No Clar – Kahmsïn

avant-garde jazz
Nantes, France

Olivier Hestin – Résonances parallèles

jazz fusion
Melun, France

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