Jptr – The Absence Of…

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Jptr—disemvoweled “Jupiter”—is a Swiss avant-pop duo. Consisting of Ramón Oliveras, of modern jazz band Ikarus fame, and Andrina Bollinger, who is part of another art pop duo: Eclecta, Jptr boasts one of the most impressive, and, perhaps, surprising lineups.

After catching up with the project’s self-titled 2,017 release—with which I immediately fell in love—, I gave a shot at The Absence Of…, which is coming out on 13 July. While their debut, Jptr, is rhythmic and upbeat and energetic, its follow-up veers in an entirely new direction. Atmospheric, contemplative, and minimalist, The Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 30 June

The Sound That Ends Creation – Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns (grindcore, mathcore)

Sunday, 1 July

Fifth Quadrant – Vision (progressive metal, prog fusion)

Monday, 2

Andreas Scotty Böttcher – Electric Symphony (jazz fusion)

Ars de Er – Fièvre (progressive rock, avant-prog)

Bisonwar – Tribes (instrumental progressive rock, math rock)

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Monthly Recommendations:
June 2018

It’s always difficult—and rather arbitrary—to call on the best of something, anything; especially when there are to be only four chosen ones, amongst a sea of candidates. I probably already alluded to this challenge when I came up with my recommendations series, but I want to state it again, as a memory refresher. Here, I emphasize four albums, out of a sea of potential releases that came out during this passing month, but, really, all albums mentioned in this post—including the “Honourable Mentions”—could have starred on the podium. The choice of these four might be more of an effect of … Read more

Pete Lee – The Velvet Rage

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Once in a while, you stumble across an album that really clicks with you; and, once in a blue moon or so, you find one that does so while remaining criminally in darkness. One such album is Pete Lee‘s The Velvet Rage, out on June 29, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The London-based pianist here plays original compositions in a quintet formula, with drums, electric guitar and bass, and saxophone. Amika Strings, a quartet, also makes an appearance.

The seven tracks make up for an eventful fifty minutes, with variegated moods and atmospheres, from … Read more