Monthly Recommendations: August 2019

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Zeitgeber – Transforming the Random Crushing Forces of the Universe into Manageable Patterns (Art as Catharsis)

I have a deep love affair with the Australian handpan-and-clarinet duo, dating back since the release of their debut, Heteronomy. On their upcoming EP, the duo expands its sonic palette by adding layers of guitars, bass, didgeridoo, viola, and more to the core instrumentation. This leads to a more lush band sound, but affects the way the material can be played live. Well, such matters matter not for now, because the recordings are as trance-inducing and enjoyable as ever. Be ready to hop … Read more

August in 147 Albums

Thursday, 1 August

Dead Way Englightenment – Störung [EP] (post-black metal)

Kiev, Ukraine

פיי שפירו (Faye Shapiro) – אלף נשיקות (Elef neshikot) [EP] (experimental pop, world fusion)


Zeitgeber – Transforming the Random Crushing Forces of the Universe into Manageable Patterns [EP] (world fusion)

Sydney, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

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Friday, 2

Aaron Myers-Brooks – Energetic Bursts (progressive metal)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Blame God – Power and Control [EP] (grindcore)

New York

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Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 23 August

Alexander Noice – Noice (experimental pop, math rock, jazz fusion)

Los Angeles, California
On Orenda

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The Big Yes! – The Big Yes! (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Oslo, Norway
On Nakama

The Coup – Steal This Double Album [Rerelease] (hip-hop, nu-jazz)

Nesconset, New York
On Rock Francis

Emmett Elvin – The End of Music (progressive rock, jazz fusion)

London, UK
On Bad Elephant Music

Eternal Storm – Come the Tide (progressive death metal)

Madrid, Spain
On Transcending Obscurity

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Jessica Ackerley, The Side Eye, U Circle Breakers, Collector, John Zorn, and Wrvth

ackerley side eye circle breakers collector zorn wrvth

Jessica Ackerley – A New Kind of Water

Canada-born, New York-based guitarist Jessica Ackerley has a harmonic language and playing style all her own. That much is evident on her new jazz album for quartet, A New Kind of Water—which sounds like the slogan for “energized” bottled water or something like that—and upcoming noise rock album with Essi. Building on her previous work, Coalesce, Ackerley offers a set of alternatively challenging and rewarding compositions, with a refined contemporary sound. Over the course of the album, Ackerley easily displays a broad range of inspirations, ideas, and proficiency, which … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 16 August

Andrew Conklin – Field Reports [EP] (contemporary classical)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
On New Focus

Ben Hedquist – The Mists of Uncertainty (experimental jazz)

Phoenix, Arizona

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Cíntia – Officially Bombating @B​.​leza [EP] (jazz fusion, progressive rock)

Lisbon, Portugal

Circuitry – Switch [EP] (progressive metalcore)

Long Branch, New Jersey

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Infest the Rats’ Nest (psychedelic rock)

Melbourne, Australia
On Flightless

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