Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 2 February

Caldera – Tephra (post-metal, sludge)

Athens, Greece

Fountainhead – I Do and I Will [Compilation] (progressive metal, jazz fusion)

Berlin, Germany
On Vmbrella

Sunday, 3

Beyond Quartet – Beyond Quartet (avant-garde jazz, free jazz)

New York, New York
On 11th Street Music

Mayberian Sanskülotts – Neverending Sorry (indie pop)

Kápmegyer, Hungary

The New York Review of Cocksucking – Total Cruise Worship (free jazz, noise)

New York

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Alister Spence and Satoko Fujii Orchestra Kobe, Agamemnon Moustakas, and João MacDowell

Alister Spence and Satoko Fujii Orchestra Kobe – Imagine Meeting You Here

Australian jazz pianist and composer Alister Spence joined forces with Satoko Fujii Orchestra Kobe, a big band jazz ensemble, to give life to his newest vision: Imagine Meeting You Here. The album comprises five tracks, anywhere between compositions and improvisations. Jazz improvisation by an orchestra is something quite unusual. The greater the number of heads, the harder it is to guide them. So, it’s quite a feat that has been pulled off here! The improvisations don’t feel aimless, quite the contrary, and the musicians hop back … Read more

Nonlocal Forecast – Bubble Universe!

The Music

The Words

Angel Marcloid does not quit. From the experimental vaporwave of Fire-Toolz to the longform atmospherics of Mindspring Memories, along with myriad other boundary-pushing projects, the Chicago artist has uploaded enough complex and challenging auditory and visual material to crash the kind of ancient computer on which it seems appropriate to engage it. Under the new moniker Nonlocal Forecast, Angel quite literally synthesizes some of her biggest influences from the eighties’ and nineties’ prog rock, smooth jazz, and new age scenes using almost entirely digital instrumentation and programming. The result, Bubble Universe!, is an … Read more

Eric Thorfinnson, Navi, and Starpilot

Eric Thorfinnson – Qwag (avant-pop, folk)

Eric Thorfinnson is best known as main-brain and frontman of Toronto progressive metal band Autocatalytica. With a distinctly art pop sensibility, this one’s a significant departure from what we’ve come to expect. Electro-based gems to acoustic folk, this collection of Eric’s music is mighty diverse. Even tho it’s considered a compilation of one-offs, there is a fluidity here that makes for a unified listening experience. In addition to Eric’s stellar guitar work, haunting vocal arrangements and audio production, three tracks from Qwag also finds an additional dimension brought to the fore by collaborator … Read more

William Covert, Key to Abyss, Wing Walker Orchestra, Allison Miller, Quinsin Nachoff, and Dieu

William Covert – Music for Synthesizer and Drums (Coup sur coup)

Highly anticipated on my end, William Covert‘s solo album doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. The seven tracks on display are based on keyboard motives, atop which drums are played, half-written, half-improvised. Thanks to the odd metres often found in said tracks, the vibe is very much into progressive rock territory. Music for Synthesizer and Drums is excellent, and it’s quite enjoyable just letting it drone on in your ears.

Key to Abyss – Beautiful Demons [2-disc]

Key to Abyss‘s Beautiful Demons is a free jazz concept double … Read more