Dead Robot, Ben Levin Group, The Odious, Those Darn Gnomes, Jambinai, and Les comptes de Korsakoff

Dead Robot – We Create the Machine

This EP is, surprisingly, the first release of Madrid’s Dead Robot. Why surprisingly? Well, to use a metaphor… The Spanish trio has apparently hit the nail right on its head on the first try and hammered it deep into the wood. A modern jazz fusion album with hints of drum & bass and electro-jazz is not an easy feat to succeed. But there is absolutely no doubt of that here. Take some time and listen to any of these songs, you won’t regret it.

Ben Levin Group – Jelly Mound

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Belles: An Experiment in Marathon

An idealized visual representation of the rhythms in “Belles”. The vertical axis represents the beats of the composition and the horizontal axis the time at which each note is played inside the rhythmic pattern. Each colour represents a different note in the piece.

Ever since I started visually representing microrhythms, for example in my last post about Marathon, I’ve had the idea of creating rhythms based on visuals, instead of the other way around. For this experiment, I was thinking about the full extent of the Gnawa rhythm going back and forth and overlapping with itself to create this … Read more

May in 187 Albums

Wednesday, 1 May

Adventure Time – Volume 1 (soundtrack)

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Adventure Time – Volume 2 (soundtrack)

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Adventure Time – Volume 3 (soundtrack)

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Adventure Time – Volume 4 [EP] (soundtrack)

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Adventure Time – Volume 5 (soundtrack)

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Monthly Recommendations: May 2019

Car Made of Glass – Every Song Is a Good Song (Montgomery Street)

California’s Car Made of Glass is a peculiar thing indeed. Though it started as a sort of emoviolence, grindcore, and noise blend and made plenty of split releases in that style, it reached a crossroads on their debut, Foreign Graffiti. Even though, it seems, the band’s experimental and noise demographics seemed to wax while the rest dwindled as time passed, there is a juncture, a breaking point, that was reached on that album. Some tracks are purely of the former, and some of the latter, and some,

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Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 24 May

Alexi Tuomarila Trio – Sphere (jazz fusion)

Helsinki, Finland
On Edition

Capyac – Baby Make Money [EP] (R&B, funk)

Austin, Texas

Chalice Dungeon – Chalice Dungeon (blackened death metal)

Layton, Utah

Christian Meaas Svendsen with Nakama and Rinzai Zen Center Oslo – New Rituals [3-disc] (world fusion)

Oslo, Norway
On Nakama

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Circé – Circé (free jazz, jazz fusion)

Tours, France

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