Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 26 July

Abe – Abe [EP] (math rock, post-hardcore)

Harlow, UK

After Ours – Random Nuggets (jazz fusion, pop)

South Bend, Indiana

Rebecca Nash’s Atlas – Peaceful King (modern jazz)

Bristol, UK
On Whirlwind

Ben Rempel – Desert Music [EP] (experimental jazz)

Los Angeles, California
On Orenda

Christopher Cerrone – The Pieces that Fall to Earth (contemporary classical)

Brooklyn, New York
On New Amsterdam

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Say Hello to Our New Reddit Bot!

I’ve been using Reddit for quite some time, now, and, I have to say, I love this platform! I’ve made many musical discoveries, and it’s also a daily source of news and other content. I created r/ctebcm a while ago, but it never truly gained much attention, as I was focusing on the actual website and sharing on our Facebook page, and, more recently, our “This Is Not Music” group.

However, with my recently self-taught programming skills, I’ve written a script that automatically posts an album I’ve listened to—and probably liked—since 2018. This was possible because I’ve kept … Read more

July in 143 Albums

Monday, 1 July

Bobbing – Thank You for Singing to Me [EP] (experimental math rock)

Oakland, California

Discordian String Ensemble – Incerto for Doublebass and Strings (contemporary classical)

Barcelona, Spain
On Discordian

Fields of Elysium – In Ancient Contemplation (progressive technical death metal)

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jute Gyte – Birefringent (avant-garde black metal, experimental electro)


Кафкаэск (Kafkaèsk) – Сэконд (Sèkond) [EP] (post-hardcore, noise rock)

Moscow, Russia

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Monthly Recommendations: July 2019

monthly recommendations july 2019

Joliette – Luz devora (Penelope)

Mexican mathcore act Joliette have always been cool. Today, it’s because they’ve recently released Luz devora, a massive hourlong overdriven math rock adventure. This awkward description is also why I reluctantly call them “mathcore”. They do not sound like your Car Bomb or your Dillinger Escape Plan. They’re more like a heavy math rock band with some hardcore influences. Never mind the taxonomic squabbles, try out Joliette and figure out for yourselves!

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Liquid Quintet – Bouquet (Sirulita)

Sirulita Records never disappoint, when it comes to free improvisation. The last of these … Read more

Christopher Cerrone, Bureau Berlin, Dialect Trio, Sloth Racket, Season of Sadness, and Trigger

christopher cerrone bureau berlin dialect trio sloth racket season of sadness trigger

Christopher Cerrone – The Pieces that Fall to Earth (New Amsterdam)

Brooklyn composer Christopher Cerrone just released his newest album, a collection of three compositions split into a total of eighteen tracks, adding up to about forty-five minutes of material. The whole thing was recorded by Los Angeles-based Wild Up ensemble. Cerrone’s compositions offer an emotional and contemporary vision, which is perfectly executed by the Wild Up team. New Amsterdam Records keep on bringing stellar works to the table, and Christopher Cerrone is one of the most recent examples of this!

Bureau Berlin – Earthbound Akupunkture

Bureau Berlin is a … Read more