Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 13 March

Aronious – Perspicacity

technical death metal
Green Bay, Wisconsin
The Artical Era

Arrecifes – Lucero

math rock
Santiago, Chile


Anastásios Savvópoulos’s Azure – Ebbs and Flows

avant-garde jazz
Berlin, Germany

Bernhard Meyer & John Hollenbeck – Grids

experimental jazz
Lisboa, Portugal

Cenk Ergün & Jack Quartet – Sonāre & Cēlāre

contemporary classical
Queens, New York
New Focus

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Immortal Onion, Ābhāsa, Slift, The Archetypal Syndicate, Color Wheel, and Je’raf

Immortal Onion – XD: Experience Design

Polish nu jazz sensation Immortal Onion just released XD: Experience Design, a follow-up to their outstanding Ocelot of Salvation. The new album sees the trio hone their skills on odd metres, polyrhythms, and complex melodic themes. XD is a full forty minutes long, so there’s plenty to enjoy.

आभास (Ābhāsa) – १ (Eka) (Mystic Timbre)

So, what exactly is this? १ (Eka) is the debut album of mysterious American entity आभास (Ābhāsa), here remastered and re-released. The band is mostly about crafting eerie atmospheres with Eastern music instruments, timbres, and philosophy, … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 6 March

Barbora Kolářová – Imp in Impulse

contemporary classical
New York, New York
New Focus

Borgne – Y

atmospheric black metal
Lausanne, Switzerland

Crystal Coffin – The Transformation Room

progressive black metal
Vancouver, British Columbia

Dwaal – Gospel of the Vile

post-metal, sludge
Oslo, Norway
Karisma & Dark Essence

Ehnahre – Quatrain

drone, dark ambient
Boston, Massachusetts

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Matt’s Albums of the Decade, Part 4: #20 through #1

Part 1: 190-101
Part 2: 100-51
Part 3: 50-21

20. Enslaved – Riitiir (#2 of 2012)

It’s not hyperbolic to suggest that Enslaved’s entire nearly-twenty-year career was building up to the release of Riitiir. The opening bludgeon of “Thoughts like Hammers” evokes the swirling chaos of their mid-era experimental albums Mardraum and Monumension before settling into more comfortable territory akin to their Vertebrae prog-black sound. Tracks like “Veilburner” and “Materal” are comparable to their previous best work on albums like Axiōma ethica Odini, while the new heights they achieve with epic songs like “Death in the Eyes … Read more

Matt’s Albums of the Decade, Part 3: #50 through #21

Part 1: 190-101
Part 2: 100-51

50. Prince – Art Official Age (#3 of 2014)

I was very, very late to board the Prince train, only taking a real interest in his voluminous work with the 2014 dual release of this album and the tamer Plectrumelectrum. These releases came a whopping four years after his previous album 20 Ten, which is shocking because there had never been any time between 1978 and 2010 (32 years) where the Artist had allowed more than two years between releases! As fresh as ever, Mr. Nelson updated his mellifluous style with modern … Read more