Weekly Release Dump

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Friday, 17 July

Amarionette – Sunset on This Generation

alternative rock
Las Vegas, Nevada

Collage Project – Off Brand

contemporary classical
New York, New York
New Focus

Daggers – Neon Noir Erotica

Liège, Belgium

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ГШГибкий график

noise rock

GS Sultan – Music for a Living Water

experimental electro
New York

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Aal, Gena, The Rest Is Silence, Ehnahre, Aseitas, and World Sanguine Report

Aal – The Only Path

Lithuania’s Aal is bringing good old-school progressive death metal to the table. With the debut album The Only Path, the band conjures up sounds of Cynic, Exist, and even some Death! It’s definitely a strong contender for best prog death of the year, so don’t sleep on it!

Джена [Džena / Gena] – Чур меня [Čur menja] (Фузз и Дружжба [Fuzz i Družžba])

Чур меня (Čur menja) is Russian atmospheric post-metal trio Джена (Džena)—romanized as Gena—at their best. Though not an old band, Gena really have their vision and their … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Hover over foreign scripts for pronunciation and romanization.

Friday, 10 July

Aal – The Only Path

progressive death metal
Vilnius County, Lithuania

Andy Kozar – A Few Kites

contemporary classical
New York, New York
New Focus

Asēitās – False Peace

blackened death metal
Portland, Oregon
Translation Loss

Asher Gamedze – Dialectic Soul

spiritual jazz
Cape Town, South Africa
On the Corner

Chase Kuesel – Space Between

modern jazz
Brooklyn, New York
Ears & Eyes

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Animatist, Nnamdï, Tàlveg, Stephen Weigel, John Zorn, and Agrupación Changó

Animatist – Inverted

Toronto-based jazzy mathy proggy rock band Animatist just released a follow-up to their amazing 2017 album Face Club. Inverted is the quartet perfecting their sound and their vision with over forty minutes of amazing material. Definitely check this one out and watch out for all the time changes!

Nnamdï – Krazy Karl

Nnamdï Ogbonnaya is a multifaceted artist. After Drool and Brat, which explored the modern R&B and rap sound with a healthy dose of creativity, there was Black Plight, a super short EP leaning on the harsher side of math rock and noise … Read more

Xythlia, Zombieshark!, Daggers, and Frank Macchia & Brock Avery

Xythlia – Immortality through Quantum Suicide (I, Voidhanger)

Another great addition to the I, Voidhanger catalogue, the upcoming album from one-man band Xythlia is a twenty-four-minute conceptual journey of experimental technical deathgrind held by tight songwriting and frantic lyrics that go along with the sheer insanity of its sound. Fans of extreme metal music, definitely check this one out!

Zombieshark! – I Will Destroy You, Myself, and Everything I’ve Ever Loved

Do you miss the old days when cybergrind and nintendocore were blooming on pages like Myspace? Philadelphia’s Zombieshark! has you covered; if you don’t, give them a chance anyway! … Read more