Khalab – Black Noise 2018

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DJ Khalab just released Black Noise 2084 via On the Corner Records. The album is a wonderful blend of future bass and world fusion, merging into a sort of future world music, which stems straight from the afrofuturism movement.

With a varied range of collaborators, such as singer Tenesha the Wordsmith and saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, Khalab conducts an equally varied set of songs on the album. From dance to traditional, each track is pinned on a different part of the spectrum. The whole album feels like a middle grounds between Clipping and Namibian Tales, and … Read more

Zwoyld, Dumb Waiter, Bisonwar, Firtan, Sunn Trio, Kate Pass, Slowly Rolling Camera, Terminus, and Orchards

Zwoyld – Zgond

This is not the first Zwoyld release we’ve featured on the site, and with good reasons! As Zgond proves again, France’s Zwoyld is capable of great things. Their progressive rock sounds closer to early seventies’ more experimental units than today’s overproduced ones. It’s a fun album full of drive and with scarce use of vocals, relegating them to only a single track. Oh, and it’s available on a voluntary basis as well, so feel free to drop a buck if you can!

Dumb Waiter – Heck

I was going to say that if Dumb Waiter‘s … Read more

Doom Shrugs – “A Five-Letter Word for Happiness”

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Neo-Zealander experimental math rock project Doom Shrugs assaults us with their first song, “A Five-Letter Word for Happiness”, off of their upcoming album The Clairolfactant and the Flatulent Ghost.

The opening track of the album exemplifies rather perfectly what the project is about. With its dissonances, rhythmic caprices, and overall eccentric character you can already appreciate the unique fragrance of the group. One of the most striking features of this song might be its near constant chord staccato, which is so prevalent it’s almost uncomfortable—in the … Read more

Imperial Triumphant – Vile Luxury

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New York’s avant-garde death worshippers Imperial Triumphant recently released their much anticipated album Vile Luxury, the follow-up to 2015’s stellar Abyssal Gods. On this new record, the mysterious trio is joined by a brass quartet and a vocal quartet to craft a sonic aura more daunting and regal than ever. When the trumpets swell and the choir wails, it is the carnal embodiment of the name “Imperial Triumphant”; like the malignant annunciation of a vile king.

While the previous iterations of the band’s vision sounded more like homages to Portal and Deathspell Omega, Vile Read more