The Deathtrip – Deep Drone Master

the-deathtrip-deep-drone-master-cdThe first thing we realize upon setting foot in Deathtrip’s personal hell is that this album contains something reminiscent of the great black metal records of the 90s. Riff-wise and sound-wise, it definitely sounds up to date, but its primitiveness and immediacy surely recaptures some of the old magic of the genre’s origin.

After a brief intro, we are taken aback by the razor-sharp riffing of the ‘Flag of Betrayal’. Aldrahn’s performance is definitely a highlight (as is in every song), his versatility and charisma give him a primary role, driving the listener through his own uninhabited and inhospitable … Read more

Exclusive track premiere: Vermingod’s ”A Stranded Figure Painted Pus”


Vermingod is a Greek death metal band, originally formed in the summer of 2003, though it wasn’t until 2010 that they released their debut album The Grand March to Devastation, a totally self-financed effort that fused all influences the band had then into ten tracks of modern death metal. Now, after some years of absence, they’re about to come back with their sophomore album, enigmatically titled Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom, which will render their sound a darker and more technical texture, while maintaining the key elements of the past. The band decided to unveil a brand new track … Read more

Check this out! PAREIDOLIA, a new experimental/art-rock trio from Greece.


Out of the local Athenian suburbs, there surfaced a strange musical misform, named after a weird psychological phenomenon. With their audacious appearance PAREIDOLIA is certainly a noteworthy newcomer from Greece.

Self-proclaimed as an alternative/art rock band, they are approaching their craft with a touch of eclecticism. Aesthetically, they are fully embracing the art-rock tag with their experimental style (look no further than the song’s title for proof). Musically, experimentalism is still in hand but with a more direct nod to progressive rock. The band is citing its influences in the likes of Mike Patton, Steven Wilson and Chelsea Wolfe; judging … Read more

2014 – A Personal Top 10

As 2014 is not-so-slowly coming to an end, I decided to take some time and put together a list of my favorite 2014 releases.  As the title states ,  this is mostly a personal list of the music I listened/ enjoyed the most and that was released in 2014, rather than my top 10 of this year’s best releases, although I believe the first five albums on my list can easily compete for that title as well. Granted that I didn’t listen to every extreme metal album that was unleashed this year, I think the first five really made an … Read more

ART238 – Atavism

Many things can change in a seven year period; many things can work for the better or the worse. Fortunately, this hiatus worked for the benefit of ART238. After some intense live shows the band did last year in French soil, atavism_recto_promothey decided that 2014 is the right time to hurl their newest offering (the first in seven years) like a radioactive missile ready to awaken and revert the most primal human instincts. However, after the addition of new members,  there are certain elements that have shaped the band’s sound into something different.

At first, Atavism may seem like an … Read more