2014 – A Personal Top 10

As 2014 is not-so-slowly coming to an end, I decided to take some time and put together a list of my favorite 2014 releases.  As the title states ,  this is mostly a personal list of the music I listened/ enjoyed the most and that was released in 2014, rather than my top 10 of this year’s best releases, although I believe the first five albums on my list can easily compete for that title as well. Granted that I didn’t listen to every extreme metal album that was unleashed this year, I think the first five really made an impact and delivered some quality music, feelings and pleasurable moments of escapism. I, also, included some local or underground artists (as I always do), as well as a couple of not-metal albums, because I just felt the need to do so; there are always some hidden gems down there, crafted by people with a vision, waiting to be found.

Full-Length Albums:


11) Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise
Just a great album; unsettling and harrowing in essence.

Manimalism - Manimalism - Front 1400x1400

10) Manimalism – Manimalism
‘‘Manimalism is recorded like a black metal-inspired doom band performing twisted 60’s crooner ballads’’. Well-crafted compositions that still
manage to sound fairly simple, maintaining consistency throughout their length.


9) Godflesh – A World Lit Only By Fire
A wondeful comeback album and a great addition to the heavy legacy that GODFLESH bears.


8) Burzum – The Ways of Yore
Definitely a step up from last year’s album and a fitting companion when in need of a moment of peacefulness.


7) As Light Dies – TLA Vol.1
AS LIGHT DIES return with a new musical beast that sees them moving towards a more progressive and emotional sound, but no less complex and


6) Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall
Different but still as hard-hitting as its prodecessor. Their appearance on Athenian soil this past May, still remains as one of my favorite
live experiences ever!


5) Triptykon – Melana Chasmata
Dark, slow and fascinating.


4) Stilla – Emsamhetens Andar
Ensamhetens Andar is a soundscape inspired by the strong concepts of Swedish nature and a well-captured essence of of North’s most melodious
black metal. This is yet another piece of art by STILLA, a dwelling for every spirit of solitude.


3) Spectral Lore – III
Get sucked into III’s otherworldly vortex, balancing black metal with ambiance and progressive passages. Αn essential album for 2014.


2) The Deathtrip – Deep Drone Master
Creating an album with the mindset of early 90s black metal was sure to cause mixed opinions but how one cannot be taken by this
album’s cold yet highly effective grasp? Add this paranoid frontman on top and you have a classic album in the making.


1) Blut Aus Nord – Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry
Majestic songwriting, enthralling atmosphere!




Bölzer – Soma

Blut Aus Nord/ P.H.O.B.O.S. – Triunity

Chaos Echoes – A Voiceless Ritual

Other Releases:


Various Artists – Prima Giedi

Οnce Them Edens – Banale Noire

Christos Anestopoulos – Wish You Could Stay

Fixions – Invisible Walls


Swans – To Be Kind

That being said, here’s to a great new year with ever greater releases!

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