News: Journal drums preview

Journal drummer Justin Tvetan just posted this update on the band’s new album! These are live drums and they sound incredible! Unlorja was – and still is – one of the best technical albums ever! With an esoteric mix of grind, death, math, core, neoclassical, and various other genres, the conceptual album is a good 50 minutes of the most intense stuff you’ve ever heard, plus a 30 minute narrative retelling of the story, accompanied by music.

Journal 3 (unofficial title) surely sounds promising as hell, and it’s definitely one album we’re awaiting with great impatience, and even greater expectations, … Read more

Review: Pryapisme – Futurologie EP

If you didn’t already know our blatant bias towards French experimental metal band Pryapisme, now is the time to witness it. The reason is that the band’s newest work, Futurologie EP, has just come out, and, as you would expect from a totally biased reviewer, it’s fucking incredibly awesome! Now let’s dig a little deeper to see why, and try to convert you into our Church of Pryapismology.

First of all the band has made it clear from the very beginning that they would be including a lot of humour into their instrumental mayhem. With an imagery based … Read more

ART238 – Atavism

Many things can change in a seven year period; many things can work for the better or the worse. Fortunately, this hiatus worked for the benefit of ART238. After some intense live shows the band did last year in French soil, atavism_recto_promothey decided that 2014 is the right time to hurl their newest offering (the first in seven years) like a radioactive missile ready to awaken and revert the most primal human instincts. However, after the addition of new members,  there are certain elements that have shaped the band’s sound into something different.

At first, Atavism may seem like an … Read more