News: Pangaea – The Balance music video

Pangaea recently released a music video for a song on their upcoming album, which has yet to be announced. The song in itself is really cool, and slowly, really slowly, builds on, progressively becoming heavier, and more complex, while going back to some smoother or more proggy moment from time to time. The band’s previous album, Unified, although pretty cool overall, didn’t have the drive or the originality of The Balance. So, we’re definitely looking forward to Pangaea’s new album, if this song is any indication of its overall quality. Even though the song isn’t perfect, there’s a … Read more

News: 15 seconds of the new Frontierer album

The good chaps at Frontierer released a 15 second teaser on their facebook page, and it sounds as interesting as ever. For those who aren’t familiar with the band, Padram Valiani of Sectioned started out Frontierer with another singer. The music is similar in style, but maybe pushes the ideas further than Sectioned did.

We can officially say we are excited for this album that is … Read more

News: Entheos, or the almost-reunion of Animosity

Featuring bassist Evan Brewer, guitarist Frank Costa, and drummer Navene Koperweis, along with Systems‘ singer Chaney Crabb. There’s not much to listen to, right now, except this small guitar-tracking video on facebook. That sounds quite promising. The album comes out march 15!

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Amia Venera Landscape has released a new song and video!

This is by far the heaviest release by the band! It has incorporated some elements of doom music, but kept their ambient soundscapes, probably even amped them up a little! There’s not much info else than this. Is this a single from an upcoming EP? Full-length? I don’t know, but I can wish!… Read more