Frontierer – Orange Mathematics

a2835857791_16I remember when Sectioned was the shit, and all their noise and heavy riffs were amazing. Then, the band’s guitarist suggested we also listen to his other band, Frontierer, which was a perhaps more “hardcore” take on the sound. Here comes their debut album, and second release, Orange Mathematics.

It’s a 15-song album, 14 of which are new compositions, and one comes from “The Collapse”, their previous EP. The sound here is improving on the qualities that were already there. The fast-paced, staccato riffs are loaded with guitar manipulations (in the style of Car Bomb) and djenty subdivisions, … Read more

News: Journal drums preview

Journal drummer Justin Tvetan just posted this update on the band’s new album! These are live drums and they sound incredible! Unlorja was – and still is – one of the best technical albums ever! With an esoteric mix of grind, death, math, core, neoclassical, and various other genres, the conceptual album is a good 50 minutes of the most intense stuff you’ve ever heard, plus a 30 minute narrative retelling of the story, accompanied by music.

Journal 3 (unofficial title) surely sounds promising as hell, and it’s definitely one album we’re awaiting with great impatience, and even greater expectations, … Read more