Our New, Free Compilation Comes Out Thursday!

With a slightly different approach than previous iterations of our yearly compilation, Year 5 is complete and will come out on July thirteenth, Thursday. In order to highlight the change, it doesn’t continue the Melocules – literally little music – series. Instead of regrouping songs at the whim of me and other collaborators, Year 5 compiles songs from albums that we have mentioned in our ‘Monthly Recommendations’ posts. So, it’s really a recap of the year, hence the title. All of what you hear is music that has been released from July 2016 to June 2017 inclusively. We have been … Read more

Download our compilation, “Melocules I”, for free!

In order to celebrate the blog’s 3-year anniversary, we’ve asked numerous bands and artists to appear on this compilation. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and now you have it: Melocules I, our first official compilation of weird, challenging, interesting music of various genres, from Assamese jazz to post-technical death metal, and loads of stuff in-between.

We hope you’ll like it! It’s available for free on bandcamp, and you can donate a small amount if you feel like it!

As for me, I’m busy as hell, and I know that reviews aren’t coming as regularly as they should, but … Read more

Stay Calm and… DuckCore!

The DuckCore Blog just released an incredible compilation of 100 amazing songs from 100 outstanding bands!!! And it’s killing it!

Thou who reads this, and thou who listens to djent / death / progressive / math / -core / metal shall head over there and download this huge compilation for -almost- free!

Here’s a list of a few bands that’s in there : Xenahort, Ovid’s Withering, The Schoenberg Automaton, Slice The Cake, Sirens, Being, Foreboding Ether, Tsaars, Xanthochroid, Vanisher, The Odious, Xenocide, Hybrid, Red Seas Fire, Sithu Aye, Fractals… There are just so many awesome bands!!! You should feel guilty … Read more

Lopez’s Playlist of 2012

Hello viewers, it’s Lopez here with some of my most replayed tracks of the year. The more and more I personally see top 10 list the more I get overwhelmed and I never get a shot to check out all the entire albums. So I made it easy and just selected the tracks I was blasting the most. My other issue was that I couldn’t bring myself to make a top 10 list just due to me missing out on some albums I’ve been dying to listen to.

In alphabetical order. Youtube playlist of these songs is here.

Aeon … Read more