Lopez’s Playlist of 2012

Hello viewers, it’s Lopez here with some of my most replayed tracks of the year. The more and more I personally see top 10 list the more I get overwhelmed and I never get a shot to check out all the entire albums. So I made it easy and just selected the tracks I was blasting the most. My other issue was that I couldn’t bring myself to make a top 10 list just due to me missing out on some albums I’ve been dying to listen to.

In alphabetical order. Youtube playlist of these songs is here.

Aeon – Die By My Hands
Ascariasis – Carving the World
BTBAM – Extremophile Elite
Car Bomb – The Sentinel
Cattle Decapitation – Kingdom of Tyrant
The Contortionist – Dreaming Schematics
Cryptopsy – Two Pound Torch
Devolved – Supremacy Enforced
The Faceless – Accelerated Evolution
Gorod – 5000 At The Funeral
The Haarp Machine – Lower the Populace
Meshuggah – The Demon’s Name is Surveillance
Murder Construct – Compelled By Mediocrity
The Odious – Combaticus
Pomegranate Tiger – New Breed
Pig Destroyer – The Diplomat
Psycroptic – Carriers of the Plague
The Safety Fire – Animal Kings

Sorry for no descriptions, but I didn’t want to bias anyone’s experience of listening to the tracks ^_^