Lopez’s Playlist of 2012

Hello viewers, it’s Lopez here with some of my most replayed tracks of the year. The more and more I personally see top 10 list the more I get overwhelmed and I never get a shot to check out all the entire albums. So I made it easy and just selected the tracks I was blasting the most. My other issue was that I couldn’t bring myself to make a top 10 list just due to me missing out on some albums I’ve been dying to listen to.

In alphabetical order. Youtube playlist of these songs is here.

Aeon … Read more

Twelve Discs of Christmas

Hello everyone. This is our year’s end top list, and at the same time, since we did not have time to review all those excellent albums, we will do a short review of them here. Those are all 100% CTEBCM-approved albums, and you shall buy them as a gift. For yourself.

Oh, and by the way, they are put in alphabetical order, so they are all kinda #1.

Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II : Future Sequence

How could we overlook this brilliant masterpiece that is Future Sequence. Everyone has talked about it, and unless you’ve been … Read more