Twelve Discs of Christmas

Hello everyone. This is our year’s end top list, and at the same time, since we did not have time to review all those excellent albums, we will do a short review of them here. Those are all 100% CTEBCM-approved albums, and you shall buy them as a gift. For yourself.

Oh, and by the way, they are put in alphabetical order, so they are all kinda #1.

Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II : Future Sequence

How could we overlook this brilliant masterpiece that is Future Sequence. Everyone has talked about it, and unless you’ve been … Read more

Murder Construct – Results (2012)

Go stream this shit on!

If Murder Construct were something like a bath cleaner, there would just be no bath left in its path. In fact, your house would probably have been blowed by the shockwave caused by the pure disintegration of your bath, and the neighbourhood would become a lovely crater. The rest of the town’s windows would be shattered, pedestrians would be in shock, and nearby cars would be flying in the air.

Okay, now with the real shit. Murder Construct will totally rupture your eardrums. That is, if you decide to crank the volume up to … Read more

Murder Construct – Compelled by Mediocrity (Results, 2012)

Listen to this while you read!

Fucking brutal.

That’s how I would put Murder Construct’s new song, “Compelled by Mediocrity”.

The song has made quite some waves since it’s release. To understand why, just watch the lyric video below.

My favorite line might be “Booooorn tooooo suck!”.

Of course, some might see this song as a direct attack to the djent community. And while it is, it is so tastefully put that I don’t care the least of the world, even though I love well-done djent (Ever Forthright is the band that comes to mind).

Murder Construct is the greatly … Read more