Murder Construct – Results (2012)

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If Murder Construct were something like a bath cleaner, there would just be no bath left in its path. In fact, your house would probably have been blowed by the shockwave caused by the pure disintegration of your bath, and the neighbourhood would become a lovely crater. The rest of the town’s windows would be shattered, pedestrians would be in shock, and nearby cars would be flying in the air.

Okay, now with the real shit. Murder Construct will totally rupture your eardrums. That is, if you decide to crank the volume up to beyond the human ear limits, what you will probably want to do. The musician inside me tells you not to, for God’s sake SAVE YOUR EARS! But the metalhead inside me doesn’t give a shit. Volume = 11

This album is reminiscent of their previous eponymous work, the songs transition smoothly into the next one. Well, as smoothly as two big grain sandpapers in your morning face. That makes the whole album sound like one effin’ huge deathgrind song. That’s the same feeling I got from their first EP.

Guitars are heavy in the mix, like full of low end, and drums are just relentless. It’s all so grindy and violent out there. Makes for a great angry teenager self-therapy, if you happen to be into that kind of stuff…

Like I said, the songs kinda resemble themselves, and I’ve not gotten enough listens as of right now to tell one from the others, but that’s not a bad thing. The songs are great, violent, abrasive as fuck, and the album offers a decent running time, just below 30 minutes.

Oh and it’s the first time I listen to a Spanishcore song in my life.

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