Depth Beyond One’s – Monuments of Control (2012)

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From Oulu, Finland, comes this quintet playing their own brand of metal.

It’s discordant, polyrhythmic, and droning. The first third of the album, Monuments of Control, is a good song with nice riffs and beats all throughout.

The second song falls into a melancholic state of mind, with clean vocals and acoustic guitars. Although it would have been easy to fail at doing something good here, Depth Beyond One’s fail at failing this.

And finally the last part of the EP, An Order Depleted, features a good level of musicianship and some really nice licks! It resembles more the first song of the album in the way riffs are used and constructed. That is really the sound of DBO.

Overall it’s a cool album. Quite short, unfortunately, but that shows what the band is capable of. I hope this gives way to another album, longer, with their own original sound.

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