Unbodied – Unbodied (2012)

Listen to Unbodied while reading the review. I tell you it’s worth it!

From Ohio comes Unbodied, a progressive death sludge stoner grind metal band that will fuck your faces.

The concise self-titled debut album delivers five songs of the finest quality. From the otherworldly drumming to the oppressing and yet beautiful lyrics, this EP is one of the revelations of the year. Everything on this album amazes me. The guitar work is simply incredible, along with the song structure, and as I said, the drummer is a beast you don’t encounter every day. The vocals are also great and versatile, with screams, growls and some clean singing in some songs.

The production is of quality, but the mix is… peculiar. While some might find this of poor quality, I rather find it gives some more personality into the band.

It’s bass heavy, fast, groovy, overencumbered with notes and percussions, brutal, technical, and, most of all, fucking good!

Go and stream that shit, buy that album because you really need it!

And consider yourself lucky, they’re working on a second album! FUCK YEAH!

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