Murder Construct – Compelled by Mediocrity (Results, 2012)

Listen to this while you read!

Fucking brutal.

That’s how I would put Murder Construct’s new song, “Compelled by Mediocrity”.

The song has made quite some waves since it’s release. To understand why, just watch the lyric video below.

My favorite line might be “Booooorn tooooo suck!”.

Of course, some might see this song as a direct attack to the djent community. And while it is, it is so tastefully put that I don’t care the least of the world, even though I love well-done djent (Ever Forthright is the band that comes to mind).

Murder Construct is the greatly anticipated deathgrind supergroup, with bands members from Cattle Decapitation, Exhumed, and Intronaut, among others. I can’t say the band doesn’t live up to the expectations, this song is fucking killer, and I just can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. I think I might gonna die listening to this.

The song rams like a train (that comparison is so overused…), it’s freaking fast, heavy, raw, and hateful. Shooting down basement guitar players, confined to their imaginary world of selfishness and self-esteem, “Compelled by Mediocrity” puts every single person in the same boat, burns it, sinks it, and puts cement over the wreckage.

I get their points, bands or artists like Chimp Spanner, The Helix Nebula or ALOL are all bands I don’t like. Whether they be all wanking, or as sterile as a ball-less pre-teenager. On the other hands, there are some acceptable djent bands, like Periphery, and some that are just so great, like Meshuggah (of course…), Ever Forthright, and Animals as Leaders.

The fact that they point out the use of 9 string guitars is subject to debate, though. According to Wikipedia, 9 string guitars are used by Sleep and High on Fire, two stoner-doomy metal bands (this list is not exhaustive). However many more djent bands use 8 string guitars: Meshuggah, Animals as Leaders, and Periphery, for example.

The future is bright for those extended-range guitars, in my opinion. Agile guitars are even now offering 10 string ones, although their suggested tuning kinda sucks. And the use of ERGs isn’t simply to tell everyone around who’s the boss, although some uses them as such, but in my opinion an extended range means a wider playground for creativity or ergonomics. And one should not restrain self because of prejudices toward ERG players. For example, while Scale the Summit’s Letchford is a godly musician, he never overplays or show off. Everything he does is for the band’s sound, atmosphere, and integrity.

Back on topic, Murder Construct’s album “Results” is out August 28th, and you will fucking get that album ASAIO.

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