Aly The Band – Welcome to Our Nation (2010)

Listen to this while you read !

Why adding “The Band” to “Aly”? Of course we could be mistaken, with Aly &  AJ, Doctor Aly Abbara, Aly Michalka…

I’d hit that…

Who said that?

Never mind…

Welcome to Our Nation is Aly The Band’s not-so-original album name. I guess it was made that way so it could reflect the album’s content. Not so original hardcore punk.

I mean, it’s not bad! In fact, Aly The Band made something quite good!

Unfortunately, this album won’t change a thing in the hardcore world, since it does not bring anything new to the table. What they do, however, is good, and well executed.

As you can see in the video below, our nation (yes, I do come from the same “nation” as Aly The Band), is quite warm, humid, features some hidden Pabst Blue Ribbon, fans of Protest the Hero, deer heads in chalets filled with hardcore dudes, and breakdowns…

I don’t think this video’s really representative of “our nation”, which is also known as Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, in Quebec. In fact, we drink a lot more beer than what’s shown in the video, and the 7 to 1 ration of females compared to males is atrociously not respected. What a shame.

Welcome to Our Nation is a decent album, from a band that has all the ingredients to go mainstream. It loosely reminds me of Rise Against, minus the meaningful lyrics… Or maybe it’s just that I don’t listen to Rise Against. Hardcore punk-lovers will probably like this album, but to me, it just sounds like so many other bands. Or maybe it is just me and my expansive tastes.


I hereby give this album 65/100. The album just doesn’t do enough to keep me interested.


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  1. Léandre says:

    Great review, you found decents words to say what you think!