Our New, Free Compilation Comes Out Thursday!

With a slightly different approach than previous iterations of our yearly compilation, Year 5 is complete and will come out on July thirteenth, Thursday. In order to highlight the change, it doesn’t continue the Melocules – literally little music – series. Instead of regrouping songs at the whim of me and other collaborators, Year 5 compiles songs from albums that we have mentioned in our ‘Monthly Recommendations’ posts. So, it’s really a recap of the year, hence the title. All of what you hear is music that has been released from July 2016 to June 2017 inclusively. We have been sending a lot of emails to bands that were recommended or that received an honourable mention, and we received thirty-two positive responses. Some could not participate because of many reasons, but I think we have a solid lineup.

Just shy of three hours long, listening to it is pretty much what it’s like when I listen to music randomly on my computer. There is a wide variety of genres: from mathcore to synthwave, to folk, black metal, jazz fusion, progressive rock, ambient music, and many others! The songs have been positioned according to their title, in alphabetical order, so what you will be listening to is the product of randomness. It will be available for free on our bandcamp page, as well as our previous compilations.

I’d like to thank the participating bands once again to collaborate in this beautiful and eclectic musical mosaic. I hope that it will make you discover more than a few bands, because everything that’s featured here is excellent. It changes genre at every song, and that’s part of what makes it so interesting to me. I hope you feel the same way on Thursday!


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