Jute Gyte – Oviri

Jute Gyte‘s sole member, Adam Kalmbach, is said to take some sort of break, or hiatus, after Oviri, the closing chapter of what I’ll call ‘The Colours Trilogy’. The only things that are in the works are a rumoured split release and an electronic music album for 2018. The end of an era is always something to grief, but also a moment to look forward to new beginnings. In the meantime, however, let’s discuss this latest progeny. Adam talked about striving to unite the two major aspects of his creative mind: the electronic and the black metal. Nowhere is this more evident than on Oviri. Amidst sections of polytemporal blast beats are long, drawn-out parts of experimental electronics, for lack of a better term. On the technical side, things have stepped up a notch or two as well! As explained in the bandcamp description of the album, there are sometimes simultaneously a tardando and a precipitando; a guitar slowing down while another speeds up. There sometimes are up to five different tempi at once, going on in relatively natural ratios so it doesn’t sound out of place despite the extreme oddity of the technique. The album as a whole is extremely jarring, perhaps less so than Perdurance, but more ambivalent than Ship of Theseus, which started off this trilogy. Oviri is another brick in the landmark works of Jute Gyte for metal and music as a whole.