Nhor – Wildflowers: Spring & Summer

Spring and Summer are the two first releases of the Wildflowers tetralogy, but, as I’ve just come across this project, I’ll write about both EPs at once. Nhor was a British atmospheric black metal band who released a transcendental album in 2013, Within the Darkness between the Starlight. Since then, however, the project seems to have remained focused on the softer side of things, with 2015’s Momenta quintae essentiae and following shorter releases. All of their catalogue displays the same high standards of quality despite the genre change. The newest comers are the first two parts of Wildflowers, Nhor’s own seasons cycle. Spring, Summer, and, probably, the two upcoming chapters are ambient pieces for solo piano. Despite this minimalism, the compositions on each side – each of which culminating at around twenty minutes – are poignant and heartfelt. There is a subtle change, when spring gives way to summer, in the emotions of the songs, but nothing that distinguishes them clearly. However, Nhor successfully avoids the clichés often associated with seasonal suites – but that’s only because so many failed attempts have been made –, and Spring and Summer are a good sign for the future of this experiment. Each season is more complex than a simple mood or fragrance, and Nhor encapsulates this exquisitely in their music.