Bisonwar – Bisonwar

California’s math rock band Bisonwar is what I want to see more of from this genre, and what it was originally set to do: a focus on instrumental prowesses, all the while borrowing slightly from jazz for its harmony but keeping it all generally easygoing. Well, the band’s debut self-titled full-length does just that, and more! The only thing it lacks is odd measures. While math rock has always been fascinated with guitar, Bisonwar shares the spotlight equally between the guitarist Joe and the bassist Peter. There is an abundance of parallel riffs – where the bass plays the same notes as the guitar, only one octave lower –, where the common bass player would keep the tonic, Peter goes the extra mile and mirrors his partner. Sometimes even taking centre stage, as in the beginning of ‘White Devil’. Now here’s a little downside about the band: there could be a stronger emphasis on uncommon time signatures. Indeed, they are very rare, and that would be a great addition to their compositional process. I hear fears of losing the groovy and approachable aspects of their sound, but odd times have a huge untapped potential for that. Dive in, and exploit the full extent of what math rock can offer! In the meantime, Bisonwar‘s Bisonwar is a great and fun album.