Check this out! PAREIDOLIA, a new experimental/art-rock trio from Greece.


Out of the local Athenian suburbs, there surfaced a strange musical misform, named after a weird psychological phenomenon. With their audacious appearance PAREIDOLIA is certainly a noteworthy newcomer from Greece.

Self-proclaimed as an alternative/art rock band, they are approaching their craft with a touch of eclecticism. Aesthetically, they are fully embracing the art-rock tag with their experimental style (look no further than the song’s title for proof). Musically, experimentalism is still in hand but with a more direct nod to progressive rock. The band is citing its influences in the likes of Mike Patton, Steven Wilson and Chelsea Wolfe; judging from ‘The Art of Peeling Onions’ the melody of pop is one of the dominant ingredients of PAREIDOLIA’s music, while the main foundation of the song is solidly based on rock music.

This newly-founded trio consists of Vassilis Papadimitriou (Lost n ‘Found) on vocals, Sinnik Al (I Bow Candles, Slaveatgod) on guitars, keyboards and bass, and Ω (Once Them Edens, RandomWalk) on guitars and drum programming. They are, discreetly, putting together a self-financed EP which no one knows when it will be released! Because of that, make sure you check their first lyric video, which was directed by Athina Tousia. ‘The Art of Peeling Onions’ was mastered by Vaggelis Theodorakis and, ironically enough, it is not a pareidoliac outcome; it’s just one click away!

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On February 11 2015, this entry was posted.