The Deathtrip – Deep Drone Master

the-deathtrip-deep-drone-master-cdThe first thing we realize upon setting foot in Deathtrip’s personal hell is that this album contains something reminiscent of the great black metal records of the 90s. Riff-wise and sound-wise, it definitely sounds up to date, but its primitiveness and immediacy surely recaptures some of the old magic of the genre’s origin.

After a brief intro, we are taken aback by the razor-sharp riffing of the ‘Flag of Betrayal’. Aldrahn’s performance is definitely a highlight (as is in every song), his versatility and charisma give him a primary role, driving the listener through his own uninhabited and inhospitable … Read more

Haken releases video for newly fashioned old song

Darkest Light is the first track we get to hear from their upcoming EP “Restoration”, coming out October 27. Why do I say old song? Well, that song’s a modernized version of “Blind”, the first song off their 2007-2008 demo “Into the 5th Dimension”. It’s been a long time, but that demo was some of the best Haken material. Here’s a brief history lesson: before going all Dream Theater-esque on Visions, most notably, they used to blend circus music into their songs, and they used to incorporate some growls, too, most notable on “Aquarius”. On the Restoration version of “Blind”, … Read more

Theo Young – Shadowplay

This Young British fellow *chuckles alone in the darkness* is a figure to add to the Plini-Sithu Aye duo. Yes, Theo would be able to sneak in cognito into any of those two’s albums! And that’s saying something, and that something is: it’s freaking GOOD!

And it’s no copycat, don’t get me wrong! Although he uses advanced techniques only present on Plini’s latest, such as thumb-picking, Theo really has his own compositional style – and playing style, too! Shadowplay, which came out today – September 14th – is a wonderfully beautiful little collection of music, … Read more

Sectioned – Outlier





This album is a serious buy.


It’s like Lady Gaga and Mumford and Sons have an orgy and get a monstrous children that doesn’t look a thing like their parents (even if we don’t know which is the father).

Not even close.

Some might wonder if it’s even human. And hunt it until it’s presumably dead in the woods.

But it’s not.

And its urge for revenge only grows bigger, and stronger over the years.

But the villagers have forgotten.

But he hasn’t.

That’s about what it sounds like.

Sectioned on facebook

-D… Read more

UK #1 Albums Year in Review: 1981

So we move into 1981, a year with some repeat artists from 1980 and some suprising newcomers. For the most part, rock is well represented with some new wave tossed in for good measure. Not much else to say, let’s dive in shall we?

The year kicks off with Adam and The Ants “Kings of the Wild Frontier”, the first artist of many this year that didn’t go to #1 in the U.S.. This is a good album, although Ant’s vocal style isn’t for everyone. After that we get John Lennon and Yoko Ono “Double Fantasy”. Don’t be surprised, but … Read more