Review: Circuline – Return

That’s it. I think I’ve found it. The reason why progressive music is related to being snob, and why you will be named a prog snob from time to time. Circuline might be the most pretentious and “snob” prog rock band out there. And for a so-called “modern” progressive rock band, they’re straight from the 80’s and 90’s prog rock era to me. Stuck in the past, the nose up their ass.

Let me just put all that’s wrong, just with their music video for One Wish. And I’m not even going to talk about the music itself, for … Read more

UK #1 Albums Year in Review: 1981

So we move into 1981, a year with some repeat artists from 1980 and some suprising newcomers. For the most part, rock is well represented with some new wave tossed in for good measure. Not much else to say, let’s dive in shall we?

The year kicks off with Adam and The Ants “Kings of the Wild Frontier”, the first artist of many this year that didn’t go to #1 in the U.S.. This is a good album, although Ant’s vocal style isn’t for everyone. After that we get John Lennon and Yoko Ono “Double Fantasy”. Don’t be surprised, but … Read more

UK #1 Albums Year in Review: 1980

I should do a brief introduction here. I’m a total music nerd. I thrive on it, live it, breathe it. Sadly, I can’t create it so I just listen to as much of it as possible. With that in mind, about a year ago I challenged myself to listen to every U.S. #1 Billboard album from 1980 to 2011. I failed, stopping at 2003 when the music got to terrible to bear. Life carried on until last week when I was looking at the UK #1s on Wikipedia. I noticed the music was much more varied and, for lack of … Read more