Torrential Downpour – Truth Knowledge Vision

Torrential Downpour’s 2011 album “Connected Through” was the one to hit me first, with the awesomeness of this band. Needless to say I was quite underwhelmed by the band’s 2013 EP “The Phaneron”, which must be some kind of experiment, or a little something to make us wait until what would become their next “real” album: Truth Knowledge Vision.

In their latest album, they feel more focused than ever on their own, experimental metal hardcore psychedelic, sound, and that’s a great thing. Because the best way to make fans is to make yourself irreplaceable, unique! That’s one thing Torrential Downpour has understood. And so, in Truth Knowledge Vision, you’ll have a good deal of in-your-face riffs with odd timings and shouted lyrics, as well as some, more atmospheric parts, sounding at time like what I’d call a “Far West guitar”, with actual vocal melodies (quite a novelty in the genre!) accompanied by an organ! There’s some vocal manipulation, which is really cool, in my opinion, mostly because so few artists seem willing to try it, and the most noticeable example of it is in the song “Hyperion”, at around 5:00 in.

Torrential Downpour is really a band you should be a fan of, now that they’ve proven themselves with their third album. Truth Knowledge Vision definitely should earn your listener’s attention, and I greatly encourage you to go and get it right now! It’s amazing!

On June 27 2014, this entry was posted.