Jason Rubenstein – New Metal From Old Boxes

Jason Rubenstein’s new album New Metal From Old Boxes, released just last month, is an awesome collection of instrumental progressive-rock songs. Jason describes it as “A return to his progressive-rock roots with a loud, heavy, energetic and modern suite of instrumentals that evoke King Crimson, ELP, NiN, and classical music.”

Energetic and Heavy is right! The distorted guitars and high pitched synths create a unique sound that takes multiple listens to fully appreciate. There are also some soft piano parts and lots of nice little grooves throughout the album.

A Burden of Secrets is one track that stands out to me with some beautiful piano solos and brilliant melodies. The skillful playing by Jason on this album is impressive!

Check out the album on bandcamp above, or visit Jason Rubenstein’s website at www.jasonrubenstein.com/

On June 18 2014, this entry was posted.