Fixions – Invisible Walls

As always, Fixions’ music succeeds in putting me in summer mode. Even during the coldest and sun-forgotten winters, a little bit of this retro electro-pop brings vitamin D to my body!

Invisible Walls is no different. Hell, just a glance at the album cover and you get your daily fruits intake. Like their previous works, the beats kick your heart and drives its rhythm, and, on top of it, lie numerous layers of different electronic instruments, each with its own distorted personality and set of effects that help it survive in this Tron-like aural world (albeit less dark).

The mostly instrumental album is varied within its own domain, and touches the four corners of the genre. Singer Nola Wren appears on the song Elevator Eyes, and it is its own justification to ask MORE! I definitely want to hear more of her singing over Fixions’ retrolectrop! Her voice fits the music so well it’s hard to not press repeat! I sure understand that the core of their music is the instrumental ambiance and nostalgic essence, but one song featuring her is just too little!!! I don’t want to undermine the other vocal work present on the album however, because it too is really well-done (the title track is just awesome!).

Now go get Invisible Walls on their bandcamp page, and we can all be friends!

On June 11 2014, this entry was posted.