Spectres – Ghosts Of Revolution

Spectres make some of the best core-ish thrashy progressive melodic death metal out there! Their album, Ghosts Of Revolution came out July 22nd on bandcamp, for free!

It’s a musical duo, with Jim taking care of stringed instruments and Adam on drums duty, while both do keys and vocals. Obviously, upon hearing them, you feel that they aren’t doing this for money, but rather for pleasure, like music should be done! Their artistic view is intact throughout the album, with songs with length varying from under four minutes to over ten minutes long!

As for the musicianship involved, the bar’s quite high! Guitars are often in harmony with one another, and playing quite fast almost all the time! The drums too are fast-paced and pounding hard. Everything is as tight as it should be, nothing sounds out of place. Nothing’s overdone nor seems unfinished.

The guys of Spectres really have shown of what they’re capable of, and that is something you’ll want to listen to. I’m already eager to listen to some new music from them! Get the album for free or pay a little to support the guys!

On July 23 2014, this entry was posted.