Lee Wanner’s complete discography, Part III: VS. Other People

So, this one’s a bit different. VS. Other People is a cover album. However, it’s a completely astounding one at it. With songs from legends such as Frank Zappa, Racer X, and J.C. Bach! Alongside Lee himself are other mind-blowing musicians like the unmissable Morgan Ågren!

On this album, the wide variety of songs from different musical genres, and ever musical eras, will totally satiate any music lover. Moreover, the simply awesome production will keep the whole interesting throughout, it’s not just a mere cover but sometimes a whole re-interpretation of the original composition. Through eleven covers from contemporary and other more traditional songs (the example being the Happy Birthday song, which has been thoroughly rearranged to the point of being just barely recognizable, and the Bach Harpsichord concerto covered a capella!)

In the end, VS. Other People is a great album for music nerds who love to hear other people’s interpretation of great musical compositions! The Bach cover alone is worth the entire thing!

You can buy the album on iTunes or CDBaby!

On July 26 2014, this entry was posted.