Peter Evans & Weasel Walter – Poisonous

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Poisonous indeed, the newest release from free, avant-garde jazz duo Peter Evans & Weasel Walter is a journey into the delirious mind of a poison-afflicted would-be mycologist. In forty-four minutes, the two seasoned musicians craft an album obsessed with venenous fungi that sounds as lethal as its subject. I don’t know how many layers of improvised or forethought material have been arranged to create this fever dream, but the result is a dense hallucinative soundscape as heard through thick forest haze.

Some parts are almost metal in just how harsh and intense they are–see “Sulfur Tuft”. The already blurry lines between human-constructed musical genres get annihilated entirely here. It’s free musical expression. Is it noise jazz or experimental metal? It’s honestly hard to tell, and it doesn’t matter in the end: Poisonous is an album you will want to ingest, and its toxicity will make you see–and hear–the most beautiful things before you trespass.

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