Weekly Release Dump

Sunday, 27

Loop Vertigo – Neocortex (nu jazz)

Monday, 28

C0mputer – C.0.M.P.U.T.E.R.: Consequences of Mass Production under the Entertainment Regime (mathcore)

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11th Dimension – Paramnesia (progressive metal)

Standards – Standards (math rock)

Tuesday, 29

Codex Obscura – Cardiac Omega (mathcore, grindcore)

World Untouched by Mankind – The Forests Are Old with Grief (dungeon synth)

Wednesday, 30

Dysmorfectomy – Disembodied Anomalies (brutal death metal)

Oh, Adeona – Oh, Adeona (instrumental post-hardcore, mathcore)

Rytmigeneraattori – Ikiliikkuja (world fusion, experimental rock)

Wollongong – 40,000 Hippo Handshakes (experimental rock, free jazz)

Thursday, 31

Akhenaten – Golden Serpent God (blackened death metal, oriental metal)

Bridge Burner – Null Apostle (blackened hardcore)

Jordan Nobles – Rosetta Stone (contemporary classical)

Kouros – The Distance between Us (post-metal)

Pneuma Hagion – Trinity (avant-garde death metal)

Spurv – Myra (post-rock)

Thou – Inconsolable (acoustic, blackened hardcore)

Friday, 1 June

Boar – Poseidon (stoner metal)

The Brooks – Freewheelin’ Walking (funk)

Burial in the Sky – Creatio et hominus (progressive death metal)

Human Cull – Revenant (grindcore)

Human Factor – Let Nature Take Its Course (progressive rock)

Isenordal – Spectral Embrace (black metal, neofolk)

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Northwoods – Wasteland (post-hardcore, mathcore)

Peter Evans and Weasel Walter – Poisonous (free jazz, avant-garde jazz)

Ricarda Cometa – Ricarda Cometa 2 (experimental rock)

Sum of Us – Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels (progressive metal)

Z Comme – Dis_Order (experimental jazz)

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